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Carrfields is going through a rapid expansion and recognised that growth should be controlled and directed to achieve optimal results. It engaged Assurity Consulting for a Strategy Validation engagement to develop a clear purpose, refreshed vision, and sharp focus on where it is today – and where it is headed in the future.

“By pulling together those insights and themes from customers, internal people and global industry figures, we’ve been presented with 10 key themes where Carrfields should focus to look for growth and opportunity. The work done by Assurity has brought the clarity we sought.”

Craig Carr

Managing Director



  • Undertook an inclusive approach to gauge inputs from across the value chain in which Carrfields operates
  • Gathered quantitative and qualitative data on which to make decisions around the company’s strategy
  • Worked closely with Carrfields’ key stakeholders a series of workshops
  • Helped identify a range of sectors and customers, brought in the views of a cross-section of industry experts and secured multiple vantage points
  • Presented a cohesive report to Carrfields’ board

Outcomes delivered

  • Delivered a purpose statement
  • Clarified Carrfields’ vision
  • Identified at least four potential new initiatives which Carrfields can pursue
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