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Energy Academy, an organisation which seeks to guide New Zealand’s energy sector towards a brighter and more sustainable future has looked to Assurity Consulting for concept validation in the creation of the funding model upon which its success rests. Through an immersive engagement, Assurity Consulting has taken a design-led approach to understanding the challenges faced by the energy sector as a whole, then moving on to evaluate and validate a prototype model similar to that of the KiwiSaver scheme.

“This is a consulting firm which engages with gusto, enthusiasm and confidence. They quickly became a part of our organisation, to the extent that we didn’t feel like a ‘client’, but instead were working shoulder to shoulder. There’s a high level of commitment and a raw honesty where we were constantly challenged in the right ways.”

Deanna Anderson


Energy Academy


The highly fragmented New Zealand energy sector faces a major secular challenge surrounding the future of skills, and its ability to cope with disruptions on the horizon.


Energy Academy is cultivating a movement of diverse thinkers and activators to harness Energy’s potential to create a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable New Zealand. The organisation engaged Assurity Consulting and leveraged the 2020 lockdown to bring over 35 organisations together for some design thinking workshops that identified common challenges in the sector and began to ideate new futures.

Outcomes delivered

  • The new funding model concept came from those online workshops. The team then followed this up with a workshop dedicated to the idea which was then passed through a stress test with 170 industry employees.
  • Assurity then conducted empathy interview with 13 industry leaders to stress test the model even further to gain consensus, buy-in and participation

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