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Internation Airline Case Study

The clearest indicator of the successful capability uplift to Agile is seen in the time taken for the delivery of automations. From months, development time has contracted down to 2 weeks for small processes. More complex ones can take up to 6 weeks, with an overall time to value reduction of 80 percent.


The airline has a newly formed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) team and are keen to move away from the traditional waterfall approach to Agile and Scrum delivery. With the existing waterfall delivery method, creating successful automations was taking too long, spending up to six months for minor solutions and are highly dependent on individuals where work would stop when the staff member is on leave or out of the office. The goal is to enable the RPA team to deliver rapid value and build confidence in the ability of the RPA team to deliver successful and reliable automations to the organisation. Assurity Consulting was engaged to help with the capability uplift of the RPA team and accelerate the move towards an Agile and Scrum approach to delivery.


As the RPA team comprised of members with differing experience levels on Agile and Scrum, and little experience with automation, Assurity worked with this airline over a period of two months on:

  • Resetting the team’s working practices through a three-day kickstart training exercise establishing baseline understanding and rationale for Agile practices
  • Establishment of a vision and purpose for the RPA team
  • Achieving common understanding of how the team contributes to the overall success of the airline
  • Creation of a charter setting out and embedding the Agile working rhythm and interpersonal expectations of the team around key Agile events (sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective and sprint refinement)
  • Conducting Product Ownership training and Agile Value Management training
  • Providing coaching and support dealing with issues and challenges as they arose

Outcomes delivered

The RPA team is now regarded as a trusted partner to the business and is confident in its ability to deliver by leveraging new-found skills in Agile and DevOps. Key outcomes achieved include:

  • Increased in productivity and responsiveness, delivering results to the business up to 300 percent faster
  • Reduced development time from months to 2 weeks for small processes and 6 weeks for more complex processes
  • Reduced overall time to value by 80 percent
  • Eliminated gaps in delivery and single-person dependency
  • Established continuity of delivery across multiple lines of work

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