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A major international software vendor sought support for its New Zealand based technical lead and appointed Assurity Consulting for its application development experience. After developing key functionality for secure data exchange, Assurity went on to handle Drummond quality certification for the vendor, ultimately playing a
central role in creating software functionality which is today used by companies all over the world.

“We call it test-driven development. Where in many projects, testing is left by the wayside or takes place towards the end of the project or even after delivery, we incorporate it as a pre-emptive and built-in measure – so, while there were refactorings along the way, this was easily done based on testing and regressions. This equipped the team to iterate rapidly as we could make changes without breaking dependencies.”

Shane Paulsen

Delivery Lead



  • Test-driven software development (via DevOps and Agile methodologies)
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Regression testing
  • Drummond certification for the connector developed

Outcomes delivered

  • Delivery of the initial software product within budget and on time
  • Development of bug-free software from the start via exhaustive test-driven development, minimising the time required to resolve issues
    after the first release
  • Equipped the client’s team to iterate rapidly and make changes without breaking dependencies

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