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In response to disruption within the logistics industry, the client (a major NZ organisation) faced a dilemma in adapting to the demands of e-commerce. They were seeking a way to turn adversity into opportunity, and understand how they might capitalise on providing courier services for in-home product returns. The organisation looked to Assurity Consulting for guidance on how to stake its claim in the rapidly maturing e-commerce delivery industry. The goal was to solve challenging problems and embed new ways of working internally; co-designing with customers’ to rapidly deliver value.

"If ‘innovation’ takes place as a purely theoretical exercise, you’re going to create problems for yourself. Failure is everywhere, and the intent of experimenting is to fail and learn explicit lessons. If that process is drawn out, it can lead to slow and hidden failure that can carry more severe consequences."

Simon Holbrook

Head, Design & Innovation



  • Designed and operated an innovation Lab environment for running design experiments
  • Rapid prototyping, product development and data science
  • Pioneered new ways of working
  • Managed Agile Delivery from Assurity Lab

Outcomes delivered

  • Design and build of an innovative ‘dynamic delivery’ service for parcel receivers, built with existing technology teams and digital
  • Building a bespoke innovation ‘lab’ to co-design solutions at speed with client teams
  • Delivering change through live experimentation in parallel with ‘business as usual’, always-on activity
  • Creating bespoke visual-working assets designed to operationally align technology, customer, operations and finance teams together for effective cross-functional delivery
  • Unlocking business value rapidly by moving from ‘experiments’ to measurable ‘beta builds’ in weeks

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