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Robotic Process Automation

“There are a lot of nuances involved in automating a process. If you don’t take note of those, you’ll end up automating the wrong thing. So, it is important to be highly organized to ensure that those notes are conveyed to the developer accurately and are being worked on. The work Assurity put in to understand the business and our challenges really set the scene for initial success.”

Andrew Bühler

Sales and Marketing Manager

SBT Marketing


SBT Marketing (SBTM) is an export business that trades rendered animal by-products to many international destinations from both national and international suppliers and is a subsidiary of Taranaki Bio Extracts.

The business information flows at SBTM were excessively reliant on manual data exchange. The organisation has big deliverables in terms of what they want to achieve with digitisation, and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is going to be part of the journey to accelerate business performance.



Assurity proposed a phased approach, beginning with a thorough analysis of SBTM’s business processes. Following the business analysis, the second phase was ‘Design, Build and Validate’, with Assurity developing an RPA platform based on UiPath technology.


Time taken to execute a sales contract / purchase order process reduced 90% (from 10+ min to 1-2 min)


UiPath Data Service connects to 7 interrelated tables which describe SBTM products.

Outcomes delivered

Using cloud-based UiPath Apps, a low-code application development platform, SBTM today has production automations running across multiple systems. UiPath Apps works hand in glove with UiPath’s Data Service which interfaces with SBTM’s relational database, connecting 7 interrelated tables which describe SBTM products.

Upon execution of a deal, the automation creates a sales contract or purchase order, and stores all the information into appropriate databases used for monitoring and managing the business. With an extensive catalogue of products with unique requirements for individual purchasers and specialised packaging for each, built-in business logic means staff don’t have to remember the specifics to generate a sales order, with the time taken for process execution reduced from up to 10 minutes, to 1-2 minutes per process.

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