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Sky TV has been the home of sports and entertainment for generations. With a brand fading from it’s halcyon days, households across the country are reconsidering its place in today’s streaming-led environment. Sky TV partnered with Assurity Consulting to reimagine and redesign with a focus on the end customer to usher in a new dawn for the brand.


Over 100 customer interviews
across New Zealand

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We interviewed over 100 people across New Zealand to learn what was important when evaluating whether to sign up to a new service. Speaking and observing past, present and potential customers revealed what should be an entertaining, exciting experience was actually riddled with complexity and confusion.

This helped us narrow in on our challenge to simplify the sign-up experience and leverage the world-class content Sky has an offer to give potential customers a clearer understanding of what Sky has to offer.


By simplifying the discovery and
acquisition journey, the cart conversion
grew by 200%

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