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NZ’s water sector is going through a once-in-a-generation infrastructure transformation that aims to improve water systems throughout the country. At the moment, about 85% of water systems are managed by councils – with different levels of service delivery.

To execute the improvements and transformation required, the water sector needs to identify, recruit, develop and retain a large influx of new employees. Waihanga Ara Rau (construction and infrastructure) Workforce Development Council commissioned Assurity to work alongside the industry to conduct research, analysis, and distillation; and to complete a viable workforce development strategy report.

“Working with representatives from across the water sector, Assurity has helped the sector focus on four important workforce challenges that will prepare the sector for the task ahead when actioned.”

Gillian Blythe


Water New Zealand

"For the Three Waters project, it was important to ensure collaboration with Māori happened right from the start. We didn’t want it to be an add-on at the end. Assurity are great at finding the cultural experts they need and bringing everyone along on the journey."

Mike Grumball

GM Assurance

Waihanga Ara Rau


Baseline research involved qualitative interviews with iwi and hapū, encompassing environmental consultants, water industry experts, crown-iwi advisors, and training providers were conducted. It also encompassed an industry scan, including engagement with small suppliers, as well as focus groups with students and school leavers.

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The resulting strategy report identifies five insight categories and outlines four strategic goals with 14 recommendations. In addition, Assurity developed a communications system to reflect the industry needs and effectively carry key messages to engage desired audiences.


To develop a compelling name for the strategy, Assurity collaborated with three Māori educators. This trio of cultural experts came up with ‘Ko Wai tātau/We are water’, a name that works on multiple levels: humans are mostly made from water; our cultural identity arises from land and water; our lives are shaped by water, and water is essential for life.

The website has been live since March 2022 and has been widely praised by all audience segments, including Māori and Pasifika

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