Incident Management

Prepare your teams for effective crisis response so they can kickstart a response that is both efficient and effective.


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Online: 2 half-days
In-person: half- day


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Course overview

No IT system is perfect, but the way in which an organisation responds to production incidents is often the difference between creating further confidence in your product or eroding the trust of your users. By establishing a consistent incident management process, aimed at improving remediation time and establishing a clear communications channel, we can more proactively manage problems as they arise.

Who is this for?

This course is geared towards a broad audience of IT professionals who are responsible for system availability and customer satisfaction. It will prepare your teams for effective crisis response, helping you to kickstart a response that is both efficient and effective.

What’s covered?

  • The approaches used by companies large and small, using a scalable model that works for disruptions from total outages to minor inconveniences
  • Team exercises to illustrate how the incident management process can be defined, irrespective of the specifics of any issue encountered and applying the techniques to an arbitrary problem
  • The course serves as a useful alignment exercise for teams that are already providing production support

Learning outcomes

  • The background, history and principles of emergency management
  • The key roles needed to run a scaled response
  • How incident response builds upon monitoring and alerting
  • How Service Level Objectives (SLOs) support prioritisation
  • Incident triage and structured root cause analysis processes

Is it Certified?

The course is not certified but will help you implement a structured approach to prioritisation and problem-solving that can minimise the impact to users and ensure the right problems are addressed first in the midst of a crisis.


  • None. We will conduct a training needs analysis prior to the course to help us customise the course content to best help organisations address the challenges they are currently facing.

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“Course was very well run, interactive and I learnt lots. ”

Course Attendee
Feb 2021

Course Schedule

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Online learning guarantee

Our online courses have been designed to offer a rich and engaging learning experience.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the online format, you have the option to join the next available in-person class at no extra cost.

Private classes

This course can be run privately at your organisation allowing us to tailor the training to your needs and create a more rewarding team experience.

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Experts in business and training

Our courses are developed and taught only by people who are in practice at Assurity. Every single day of the week…except when they’re in the classroom teaching you!

Amanda Cuthbertson

Client Solution Manager

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Kay Johnson

Principal Consultant

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Amanda Cuthbertson

Client Solution Manager

Amanda leads the Assurity Business Optimisation Practice in the Canterbury Region and is part of the nationwide team that designs and develops our go-to-market services.

She has more than three decades of experience in Business Analysis and has worked with global clients from a broad range of industries. Amanda’s vast Business Analysis knowledge puts her in high regard with clients and the team she leads. Her ability to add value and offer solutions makes her a highly sought-after asset for any project.

Amanda is also an accomplished trainer in Lean Business Analysis and is an IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional.

Kay Johnson

Principal Consultant

Kay is a trusted advisor to clients, helping them define their digital transformation strategy and the cultural changes needed to achieve it.

After assessing a client’s current capabilities, Kay is well versed in create a roadmap to outline the processes, practices, tools, and education needed to enable continuous improvement.

An expert in Business Agility, Agile, Cloud Adoption and DevOps, Kay makes it easy for clients to understand how adopting these approaches can benefit their organisation.

She’s also an accomplished trainer in Facilitation, Agile Project and Delivery Management, Agile Coaching, Foundations of DevOps, and is passionate about helping students see tangible results.

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