Design for innovation

We are a courageous design and innovation team who thrives amongst complexity. We use raw insights to confront business challenges, then combine strategy, design and technology to create endearing experiences that drive commercial value.

Strategy & Vision

Design-led organisations increase their revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry counterparts. Heightened consumer expectations and the emergence of omnichannel physical and digital services help elevate the customer experience to the foreground of business strategy and planning.

We help you to bring the ‘outside-in’ with proprietary services designed to purposefully turn moments of customer friction into opportunities for disruptive growth.

Strategy & Vision

Understand your customers

To understand the problem we’re solving, we first seek to understand your customers and discover their hidden and latent needs.


We work with you to form the strategic direction of your business and determine what success looks like and how we measure it.

Segmentations & personas

We can segment customers, stakeholders and staff to create genuine persona profiles which outline the need states, behavioural drivers and emotional considerations.

Insights & trends

We help leaders make sense of macro and micro forces and shape the long term future of the business.

Vision, purpose and values

Understand the thoughts and perspectives from diverse parts of an organisation including employees, stakeholders and customers.

Data science & analytics

We broaden the way teams think, work and collaborate, instilling the confidence to innovate long after the project’s done.

Design & Delivery

Untangle complexity by testing concepts, strategies and novel experiences in the earliest possible moment before committing significant resources to them.

We envision new possibilities, making concepts tangible and experiential for their intended audiences. Our bespoke design and delivery processes allow you to observe concrete outcomes instead of imagining possible scenarios. Replace assumptions with facts and accelerate project delivery.

Design & Delivery

Product and service design

Solving problems for customers and businesses by creating aspirational, human-centred products and services that drive shareholder value.

UX/UI design

Transforming strategic concepts into intuitive, engaging concepts that shape the way people behave.

Brand & Identity

Pairing imagination with commercial sensibility to create impactful brands that change the way people think about your business.

Rapid prototyping

We convert ideas into reality through fast-paced experiments that are designed to elicit real-time feedback and build confidence in the products and services worth pursuing.

Digital delivery

We work in harmony with business and technology teams across the development life-cycle. Using a lean product development approach, we ensure ambitious projects are delivered on time, on budget and true to their intent.

Product launch

To support the launch of new products and services, we conduct market research and create compelling stories and campaigns that bring value propositions to life.

Culture & Capability

Unleash the latent potential of your teams to create more compelling and exciting work experiences every day.

Our human-centred design services are built upon the principles of co-design and growing internal capability to improve your teams' resilience and performance. Equip teams with tools to engage more effectively with customers. Learn how to translate customer needs into compelling products, services and experiences that delight.

Culture & Capability

Change management

Co-designing and embedding the skills, processes and systems to create resilient, digital-first businesses.

Ways of working

Building trust, connection and collaboration to help cross-functional teams deliver value at speed.

Capability programmes

We design tailored programmes that are aligned to your organisation's strategic objectives. This ensures every employee has the skills, knowledge and resilience to cope and thrive with digital delivery.


Boutique (or Exclusive) courses designed to help teams learn-by-doing and provide the scaffold for a culture of innovation to thrive.


Equal parts inspiration and hands-on support for business leaders, to help innovation thrive in your organisation.

“Working with Assurity is like an extended Sky team who share our passion. It’s great to engage with people who love customer experience so much. Our knowledge and skills have grown in this space through the engagement, and it’s put the business on the start of a journey defined by and for the customer.”

Philippa Morris

Head of Digital Marketing

Sky TV

"When the project started, the initial scope was valued at $140 million. With Assurity’s assistance, we’ve developed a highly functional building for our people for $98.6 million.”

John O'Dea

Director, Infrastructure, Farms & Facilities


“This is a great framework for understanding customers and developing solutions in real-time that we can iterate, take forward and deliver. We’re taking the approach into the organisation and will now ourselves teach more people how to apply it.”

Glenn Stevenson

Head of Mortgages


“By pulling together those insights and themes from customers, internal people and global industry figures, we’ve been presented with 10 key themes where Carrfields should focus to look for growth and opportunity. The work done by Assurity has brought the clarity we sought.”

Craig Carr

Managing Director


“This is a consulting firm which engages with gusto, enthusiasm and confidence. They quickly became a part of our organisation, to the extent that we didn’t feel like a ‘client’, but instead were working shoulder to shoulder. There’s a high level of commitment and a raw honesty where we were constantly challenged in the right ways.”

Deanna Anderson


Energy Academy

“This really showed the value of engaging with a multi-competency consultancy. They recognised an opportunity for us and rapidly demonstrated further value.”

Penn Trevella

GM, Customer Experience and Innovation

Auckland Live

Meet our team of Design & Innovation Consultants
Angela Roper

Angela Roper
Client Solution Manager

Akshay Rao

Akshay Rao
Principal Innovation Consultant

Sanjiv Menon

Sanjiv Menon
Principal Innovation Consultant

Simon Rycroft

Simon Rycroft
Principal Innovation Consultant

Thomas Nye

Thomas Nye
Innovation Consultant

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