Agile in banking – a global perspective

Agile in banking – a global perspective

About the event

More than 100 people joined our panelists online for our Twilight Session – Agile in Banking – A Global Perspective on 13 May.

The online event explored the first-hand experiences of Bartwin Van Der Pols, Kylie Bryant, Marcella Koopman and Mispah Carelsen of Agile implementations in banking across the globe.

The discussion explored a number of common challenges leveraging their deep experiences from some of the biggest banks in Europe and Africa.

What was covered

  • Transformations and rehabilitations
  • Dealing with scale
  • Leadership challenges
  • Governance and regulation
  • Culture and mindset
  • Common mis-steps and pitfalls

Five key takeouts from the event

  • Explored first-hand experiences of Agile in banking
  • Shared perspectives on a number of areas
  • Heard experiences of global leaders in Agile adoption
  • A chance to fast-track your learning
  • Gained insight into different challenges and approaches

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