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Learn how new legislation impacts your organisation - and turn CoFI to your advantage

Understand how to gain advantages from CoFI Bill and turn it into opportunities for your organisation.

The Conduct of Financial Institutions (CoFI) Bill is making its way through Parliament and set to be ratified into law by June 2022.

What are the provisions likely to result from the law? The operational impacts, risks, threats, and opportunities, and how can your organisation achieve compliance with efficiency? What are some of the ways of gaining advantages from a Bill which has the interests of your customers at heart?

Demystify CoFI regulations and take control today

         We’ll help you demystify and quantify CoFi requirements with an engagement over 8 - 10 weeks to fit your schedule. Our Design & Innovation consultants work across your teams, including frontline staff and intermediaries, building a definition of good customer outcomes for specific to your organisation. We also go directly to the people who really matter: Your customers.

Through an 8 - 10 weeks engagement (to fit your schedule), our team will:

·       Conduct in-depth empathy research and provide on-going analysis and insights.

·       Create rapid prototype and test with your customers.

·       Identify measurable outcomes and provide the right information so your executives and Board have the right information to measure performance against legislative requirements.

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