Developing testing excellence

Explore Assurity 21 February 2018 Pete Savage

Just over nine months into his role as Test Lead at our Auckland branch, Pete Savage gives an update on the journey so far and what’s been achieved…

For me, the last nine months can be broken down into four phases, each phase having a different focus:

Getting to know you

I started by getting to know the testing team and their goals, our client base and how we work best with them and how Assurity works as an organisation. By getting to know the individuals in the team and their career aspirations, we could maximise on their potential and ensure the right people are matched to clients’ testing engagements. Hand-in-hand with this, I also worked to understand our current client base and our relationship with them. Communicating my goals and overall vision to the team was also a crucial step to engaging them fully in the journey and binding them together to work as a team.

Building on foundations

Having got to know the team and understand our client base, the next step was to build on what we had achieved to date. I restructured the team to align with my vision, recruited additional team members and further developed in-house training to help the team’s development. I also met with our clients to introduce myself formally and explain my vision.

Developing capabilities and partnerships

With a great core team in place, we worked to build further on their capabilities. It was also time to let the market know what we had to offer in a bid to build our customer base, as well as partnership relationships with key clients.

A strategic focus

With the fundamentals firmly in place, the focus moved back to the team, building relationships with clients and working more strategically with them.

While these phases indicate our focus, they don’t show the whole picture. Throughout this journey, Assurity’s values of ‘We lead’, ‘We challenge’, ‘We delight’, ‘We value potential’ and ‘We care’ are a constant influence. They’re key to how we work and ensuring we have the people who believe and act according to our values is very important, especially as we continue to recruit and grow our team.

We’ve been opening our ‘new’ office doors to anybody who wants to come in and share. We’re creating a great collaborative space and hosting as many sharing sessions as possible including hosting WeTest Auckland at the end of November and Twilight Sessions. We share our insights and knowledge with clients and non-clients and I think everyone’s benefiting from this.

The atmosphere in our team feels really positive and I believe this comes across to our clients – after all, a happy team equals happy clients. Direct feedback from customers confirm this is the case too, saying that our team is really delivering beyond expectations (‘We delight’). I try to be as true and honest with the team as I am with our clients and hope they also feel able to give me feedback to help grow and build the Auckland branch and shape our future through delivering quality to – and continuing to delight – our clients.

I’m really looking forward to the next few months and beyond as we have some exciting opportunities and areas we want to explore. So… watch this space!