Four dimensions of a ‘good product’

New Thinking 6 December 2017 David Jeames

Building a ‘good product’ is the bread and butter of all Product Managers today. This is based on the assumption that good products are successful products – and successful products have positive impacts on society, as well as the bottom line of the company. But are we clear about what makes a product a good product, asks David Jeames?

Much has been said about the role of a Product Manager and how complex it is. In his 2011 ground-breaking article ‘What, exactly, is a Product Manager?’, Martin Eriksson drew this clearly articulated Venn diagram to represent the breadth of skills needed to be a good Product Manager:

Do you – as Product Manager – interact with the right people to build a good product? Do you have the right skill set in your team to deliver it? Let me know how you’re going to use this new mental model in your day-to-day work.

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