Our grads – Angela Tuason

Explore Assurity 11 April 2018 Angela Tuason

Test Consultant Angela Tuason joined Assurity via the January 2018 intake of Assurity's Graduate Programme. In the first of our series of blog posts profiling their experience so far, she talks about how being a tester suits her skills and personality – and how she felt at home at Assurity from her first interview...

“I studied Info and HR so naturally I was looking for an IT company that I could grow in, while HR made me look into the consulting side of testing. I love working with people and testing specifically stood out since it's not platform specific. It allows you to work around all the aspects of software such as design, development and maintenance. It’s a vital role in software development and I saw myself having many of the ‘tester’ characteristics” said Test Consultant Angela.

In fact, right from her first interview for Assurity’s Graduate Programme, Angela felt at home – “It felt as if it were a conversation with a friend”. And on day one of the Programme, she was welcomed by almost everyone in the branch.

“As clichéd as it sounds” said Angela, “if you’re applying for the Programme, be yourself! Assurity is looking for the real you. They want to know who you are and what you're all about – your goals, passions and interests.”

This focus on the individual continues throughout an employee’s career at Assurity. “The company provides the opportunity for growth through the brilliant people around you who are focused on helping build your career and knowledge, as well as the educational resources available, such as interactive workshops and courses.

“One of Assurity's core values – ‘Valuing potential’ – is evident throughout the Grad Programme and afterwards. If you’re interested in learning new things, there’s bound to be a 'right person' to talk to who can help guide you on your way. Client engagements will also set you up for new learning experiences to develop your technical and soft skills.”

Angela’s problem-solving skills come to the fore in testing – “It can be so unexpected. One day the software can be working perfectly and tests pass just like that, other days there would be bugs left, right and centre. I enjoy critiquing things, figuring out what’s wrong or what could go wrong. Identifying risks and problem-solving definitely presents a challenge but it’s so interesting and satisfying to deal with.”

Angela offers further advice for applicants of the Programme… “Be interested! Assurity has a range of services look into what the company does and whether it fits you. Lastly, don't rule yourself out, whether you're very technical or just wanting to try something new. If you’re looking for a people-centric IT company that lives its core values, then Assurity is the place for you.”