Our grads – Monika Hao

Explore Assurity 15 April 2018 Monika Hao

In the last of our graduate profiles, Monika Hao highlights how – despite having a non-technical background – found similarities between testing and the subjects she'd studied...

As a Marketing and Psychology graduate with a non-technical background, Monika was surprised to discover just how much she liked testing when she joined the Graduate Programme in January – as well as its similarities to the subjects she’d been studying.

“The primary goal of Marketing is always to provide value to the end user… and that's what testing is all about – helping our clients think differently about their software and how they deliver their technology to end users.

“Testing is ultimately about finding information about the quality of the system. Sometimes you can experience roadblocks and it’s so satisfying to put your knowledge into practice and figure out a breakthrough. Each case is different, which is exciting”.

Assurity also offers the scope to pursue different career pathways – “While you start off as a tester, there are constant training opportunities to develop your interests. I wanted a career that constantly challenges me and allows me to upskill and Assurity has provided the tools to do this. Your People Lead – your mentor – will help you work on your career goals and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

In fact, says Monika, one of the best things about working at Assurity is the people. “We’re like one big happy family with everyone looking out for each other. On the Grad Programme, you’re assigned a buddy and your People Lead – usually an ex-grad and a mentor so you will always feel supported throughout. Questions are always encouraged and banter always provided; the environment fosters your learning. Assurity values potential so much that it's even one of our core values! The company cares about you as an individual and that’s what makes Assurity unique.”

Monika believes that if you love being challenged and have a willingness to learn, the Assurity programme is for you. “Every day is an opportunity to expand your knowledge within the IT realm, but also to build on interpersonal skills. Research what testing is about, think about why it’s for you and personalise your cover letter. The IT industry is constantly evolving so you’ll be applying for an exciting career opportunity. Be prepared for hard work… but fun work!”