The Agile onion – layer by layer

New Thinking 10 April 2018 Ceedee Doyle

There are some scary statistics out there – check to see where your job is on the sliding scale of automation. So what can we do about it? Learn to think differently about what we do. This is what we mean when we say ‘Agile’.

Agile at its core is about approaching the way you work differently; thinking differently about how you work with your team, manage your organisation and empower your people. Following the Agile Growth Mindset.

This is supported by a core set of values – laid out in the Agile Manifesto – which triggers you to act in a way which is true to those values and enables you, an individual, team or even a whole organisation to grow, learn and adapt.

Principles are the day-to-day things you can put in place to help you implement the Agile Growth Mindset.

And finally practices are the visible, obvious things you can see an Agile team doing – standups, visual boards, sprint ceremonies etc…. just doing these won’t make you Agile!

What are you focusing on? The day-to-day activities, the way you implement the values and principles or the way you think as a team? What can you do to get closer to the core of Agile – the Agile Mindset?

Photo: The Agile Onion – the mindset is core to being Agile (© Assurity Consulting)