The future is for the taking. What’s stopping you?

Explore Assurity 3 September 2019 Chris Percy

We’re delighted to be sponsoring TechSummit again and looking forward to meeting up with the Canterbury tech community. This year, we’d love to hear about what’s blocking your progress to achieving your future. We’re aiming to identify patterns that might be common across the region – call it informal research – and we’ll publish a post-event analysis of the findings.

Give us a roadblock. Win a free two-hour workshop

Everyone who provides us with a roadblock will be entered into a draw to receive a free Roadblock Workshop with Assurity. We’ll select the right specialist consultants from our team to listen to your issue and provide ideas on how to unlock value and move your journey forward. We promise it won’t be or feel like a pre-sales meet!

So, what's a roadblock?

If you have an idea of your destination but you’re struggling because the journey is plain bumpy, think about the cause of that.

  • Do you know your feasible from your viable, your viable from your desirable? Why not?
  • Are you innovating continuously? Why not?
  • Are you engaging enough with customers to discover their needs? Why not?
  • Are you able to separate the value from the waste? Why not?
  • Are you working in ways that deliver value every day? Why not?
  • Are you learning fast enough and reiterating to continuously improve. Why not?
  • Is your technology sufficiently modernised to enable digital business? Why not?

Why not? Because...

We’re sure that you’ll know some of the answers to the ‘why not?’. But you might not be confident in investing in, or implementing, the solutions. Come and talk to us and we can help with that too. We have lots of fresh thinking on how to meet today’s critical challenges and take you to the future.

Canterbury TechSummit 2019 is next week. See you there.