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Our team of RPA experts can help your organisation quickly assess, qualify, design, test and implement your Robotic Process Automation solution to achieve your desired business outcomes.

How we help?

Leadership is under pressure to streamline workflows, reduce costs, speed up delivery, improve communication and elevate customer and staff experience. They’re turning to Robotic Process Automation solutions to help achieve it.

Automation is a critical enabler in improving business efficiency, but delivering it right and getting the value you expect requires much more than an automation tool deployment. If you’re seeking to optimise your processes and the value you gain, then you need an optimal approach for doing it. This is how we can help you achieve it.

How we help?

Discover, identify and analyse

The Discover, Identify and Analyse phase focuses on understanding the business needs and challenges and identifies the right automation opportunities. The Framework helps identify the processes that can be easily automated and will provide the greatest benefits. Ensuring this phase is done correctly will yield a more robust roadmap and ultimately a shorter and more cost-effective path to automation.

Solution design

The Solution Design phase prepares a roadmap for an automation solution with the user's needs in mind. The solution is designed through an in-depth analysis of the prioritised automation process.

Implement and monitor

The Implementation phase carries out the build and test of the solution, a pilot with limited users and go-live in the client production environment. It is important in this stage to be clear on the metrics we are trying to achieve to be able to monitor the success of the automation implementation.

Why Assurity?

Our comprehensive approach to RPA starts with a deep-dive into business analysis, and from there, provide our clients with end-to-end automation design, build, test and deploy and ongoing support tailored to their business needs.

Our team helps our clients create organisational capacity and scale by training “bots” to do the boring, mundane and repetitive work that people don’t like to do, and in turn freeing up staff to do more interesting and fulfiling work.

Why Assurity?

Our team of experts

Our team of RPA and Business Analysis experts has a proven track record in helping clients generate tangible business value from their RPA investment.

Technology ecosystem

We have relationships with leading RPA technology vendors and offer our clients a choice of technology to adopt.

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We back our ability to deliver cost-efficient results for our clients so they can demonstrate ROI on the RPA investment.

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"The work Assurity put in to understand the business and our challenges really set the scene for initial (Robotic Process Automation) success.”

Andrew Bühler

Sales and Marketing Manager

SBT Marketing

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