Front and centre in your digital future

How you value testing and how you approach testing will be a key factor in defining your ability to meet the challenges of the Digital Age.

A traditional 'transactional and executional' view of testing ignores the real benefits that testing can bring to a project. We believe that testing's place is at the heart of software delivery. By adopting a Lean mindset, implementing the best emerging practices and shifting activity across the lifecycle, testing is transformed to deliver a high business value.

With Assurity's Lean Testing services, you'll get richer information faster and earlier and be in a position to make better decisions about delivering quality software to your customers. Here's how we can achieve that for you...

Lean mindset

We've adapted the principles of Lean Software Development and applied them to testing. For a more detailed explanation of these principles, read this blog post.

Lean Mindset

Innovative techniques

Information is power so it pays to find the information of most value and present it effectively to decision makers. Here’s three techniques we use to do just that…

Better Coverage

Consciously identify your product and testing models and use visual models to communicate them, enabling collaborative decisions about test coverage.

Deeper Testing

Build useful variation into your test approach by utilising structured, charter-driven exploratory testing to better uncover the dark secrets hiding in your product.

Richer Reporting

Paint a more vivid picture for your stakeholders so that they can make better informed decisions by using test session reports to frame the status of the product with the story of your testing.

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The right technical practices to deliver real value

Our team of context-driven technical testers traverse business and technical domains to help you choose the right tools to deliver high value automation.

Understand how systems work

In an Agile development world, testers need to work closely with the business, developers and architects to understand how systems work, functionally and architecturally. This enables them to guide teams in making smart choices on what is tested, where and how.

Engage technical, cross-functional testers

Tools can accelerate and enhance testing if you understand where they add value and where they might not. Many of our testers are cross-functional in making informed choices about where tool use would benefit testing. They can also implement their use to accelerate testing and automate checks.

Make the right choices about automation

Getting value out of test automation is about making the right choices on where to use it and where not to. Working with all team members and stakeholders, we validate that customer-facing functionality and the systems supporting it work.

Maximise the value of automation

Just as test automation is part of a wider and balanced test strategy, automation delivers the most value when it is used across systems to validate both business and technical criteria. A balanced automation strategy might include: unit tests, component and interface tests and system component integration tests to check technical and functional conditions, with end-to-end user journeys to give the business confidence that the highest impact user scenarios work.

Get fast feedback for continuous validation

Test automation can provide the biggest value for teams when built in parallel with development and run automatically against candidate builds to provide fast feedback on quality and trends over time. Testers can guide teams on having the right automation built upfront to give meaningful feedback throughout development.
New practices in delivering modern technology

New practices in delivering modern technology

As Inland Revenue’s testing partner we have a large team working across many business transformation projects. These include ‘J2FM’ which will replace much of IR’s middleware. It’s a hugely complex task but, together with IR and development partner DeloitteAsparona, we’ve put new approaches and ideas into practice.
The results to date speak for themselves. It’s proof that you can modernise delivery in traditional or legacy environments.

A comprehensive range of services for a complex digital world

Achieving quality across an exploding array of operating systems, devices and channels that make up today's super-connected digital world places greater demands on testing than ever before. We help you meet those demands, no matter whether you're delivering an SAP project in a legacy environment, undertaking a digital transformation or using Lean start-up approaches to innovate and disrupt.
We have over 170 professionals delivering testing services for New Zealand's largest organisations. We can help you too.

We help understand your situation and context, provide insight and build a roadmap to deliver better quality at speed. We can show you how to make small changes to improve test effectiveness or help you shake things up by making bigger changes. Our services includes review and assessment, coaching, development of test strategy, test sizing, tool test design, capability and practice leadership.

Test Management provides you with a full managed service across your key projects, programs and deliverables and covers all aspects of the testing lifecycle. You get the very best in Testing practices to deliver the test solutions you need.

Test Delivery covers a wide range of test services including development of test plans and test cases, implementing new test tools such as ALM and Dataprep and testing across any methodology. Our Test Delivery experts are challenged to find better ways of testing and to implement small changes that have a big impact on your test delivery.

Lean Testing practices optimise the test process to reduce test time and increase product quality. Our team has applied Lean Testing practices with outstanding success in a number of engagements. These practices include collaborative planning, visual test coverage models, lightweight test dashboards, session-based testing.

Performance Testing gives you the focus, insight and information required to make an accurate assessment of how your software is likely to perform in a variety of scenarios. It identifies performance bottlenecks and applies tuning optimisations in the existing software, reduces the risk and cost of application failure through dedicated testing and provides understanding of the capacity of software and how it should be scaled to meet future demand. We help you deliver governance, assessment, optimisation and execution.

Integration Testing helps organisations with complex or multi-component systems who want confidence in their end-to-end system. Traditional system testing cannot begin until the full set of components are delivered. Integration Testing allows you to locate defects prior to the start of a system test, reducing their impact and providing early confidence in the flow of data through the system. We help you with the assessment and development of best approach, integration test planning and execution.

Test Automation helps you streamline testing by shortening the feedback loop on code quality and minimising the risk associated with technology and/or platform changes. To achieve effective automation we take three phase approach. This approach deliberately emphasises the dependency on success of the preceding phases. The phases are: Discovery, feasibility and POC; Infrastructure/framework set-up, training and roll-out, plus developing the test strategy; Full implementation including test creation, dashboard and metrics.

Continuous Testing helps you accelerate the development flow through to your test environments by automating your build, deployment and checking of new features. This ensures that the features are delivered to your test environments in a known, working state. Unlike manual deployment and checking, Continuous Testing is fast and reliable, enabling teams to test smaller batches of work as soon as they are developed.

Also known as: Acceptance Test Driven Development / Test Driven Requirements / Agile Acceptance Testing Specification By Example helps you build valuable, high-quality features in a collaborative manner. It improves your development process through collaborative discussion, discovery, documentation and automation of examples, cross-pollinating knowledge across disciplines. Unlike traditional analysis, development and testing techniques, SBE aligns your whole team early in the development process to produce a quality solution.

Supporting New Zealand's testing community

The Ministry of Testing (Wellington/Auckland)

The Ministry of Testing (previously WeTest) was founded in Wellington in 2012 by Assurity testers Katrina Clokie* and Aaron Hodder. It then launched in Auckland in 2013 by Assurity tester Shirley Tricker*. It's grown to become the most progressive testing movement in NZ with over 2600 members. If you're passionate about better testing, we urge you to go to a Ministry of Testing Meetup in Wellington or Auckland. We're hugely proud to be a principal sponsor of WeTest. (*Katrina and Shirley have now moved on but, to us, they're still family).

Test Professionals Network (Christchurch)

The TPN has over 900 members across New Zealand and holds regular meetings with presentations by local and international speakers. We're actively engaged in the Christchurch group through sponsorship, organising committee membership and many of our team members also attend the Meetups. They're great forums for developing awareness of good industry practices in software testing.
Growing the next generation of testers

Growing the next generation of testers

We've run our Graduate Programme since 2006 and it's now widely recognised as a leader in the NZ IT sector. From a huge number of applicants, we select the grads who we believe have the personalities and potential to make a difference in software delivery. Our grads start as testers because it's a great 'vantage point' from which to observe the SDLC and gain experience on client projects. Many of them have grown to become respected leaders, advocates for improvement and innovators of testing practices in New Zealand. Interested in joining our Graduate Programme? We have two intakes a year in July and January. 


New Thinking

An out-of-corporate-body experience

Today, virtually all customer-facing organisations have promoted a focus on customer needs to the apex of their thinking.

Some of our Test specialists