We help you thrive in a fast-changing digital world

New Zealand must embrace the digital future for improved productivity and resilience.

We help our clients shape a more prosperous, more successful tomorrow. Our experience improving software delivery and technology has provided us with the insights and skills to help New Zealand organisations solve the challenges of technological change.

We provide professional services underpinning improved customer experience, innovation, digital services, business optimisation, and optimal organisational enablement outcomes. And we do this with quality, at speed, and at scale.

Start with 'why' – and build 'future perfect'

All journeys start with ‘why’. At Assurity, our ‘why’ is applying proven skills and experience to help our clients navigate the journey to a digital future where customer needs are accurately met.

We align capabilities to customer needs by understanding where and how we deliver value: in the space created by the intersection of Design and Innovation, Business Optimisation, Organisational Enablement, and Digital Delivery.

Start with 'why' – and build 'future perfect'

Design and Innovation

Discovering the uncomfortable truth to design beautiful customer and employee experience.

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Business Optimisation

Harnessing data and processes to drive operational efficiency and transform business models.

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Digital Delivery

Giving you the confidence to launch high-quality products at speed and scale.

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Organisational Enablement

Empowering a high-performance culture with the skills and structure to adapt to change.

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How our clients engage us

Engaging with a broad cross-section of New Zealand organisations, we’ve learned that successful outcomes go beyond solving challenges and extend to the transfer of knowledge.

Whether it is through consulting, outcome-based project delivery, continuous managed services delivery or education and coaching, our focus is always working closely with our clients to co-create the right solutions and delivering lasting value.

These are the various ways our clients engage with us.

How our clients engage us


Our consultants help you achieve your business goals through strategy, design and the advice on the challenges of implementation to co-create a solution that produces the best outcome for you.

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Outcome-based project delivery

Change requires the delivery of increasingly complex digital solutions. Our delivery teams bring proven approaches and experience to successfully deliver complex projects, at scale and at pace. And against the agreed project benefits.

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Managed services

Our Managed and Partnered Services embed our solution frameworks and capabilities inside your organisation bringing agility to the ongoing delivery of business benefits. Our project delivery skills embedded in your business. As demand changes we flex our team to match the new need. Have confidence with continual access to the best resources and skills required to solve your next challenge, on-demand.

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Education and coaching

We provide custom-built coaching and mentoring services to help our clients empower a high-performance culture with the skills and structure to adapt to change. We also provide both public and private education courses taught by Assurity Consulting practitioners – industry leaders who work at the coalface of delivering market-leading approaches for our clients.

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Results we deliver

Through engagement with a broad cross-section of New Zealand organisations, we’ve learned that successful outcomes go beyond solving challenges and extend to the transfer of knowledge.

Whether through education, coaching, co-design and continual collaboration, we work closely with our clients to create solutions which deliver lasting value. That’s why our Net Promoter Score consistently rates at >50 against a New Zealand IT services benchmark average of 0.

Results we deliver

Redesigned the online customer experience resulting in 300,000 user growth and conversion of 69% for trial to membership

Les Mills

Strategy clarification and direction with at least four new initiatives identified


Upskilled RPA CoE for adaptability resulting in 300% faster responsive rates, reduced development time from months to 2 weeks and eliminated gaps in delivery and single-person dependency.

International Airline

Modernised work processes, shifting from a highly paper-based payroll process to one that is 90% digital.

Education Payroll

Automated contract creation and new customer on-boarding process resulting in an end-to-end time reduction of 600% from 3 days to 6 minutes.

SBT Marketing

Transformed testing approach resulting in 4x speed increase of integrations, reduced integration testing from weeks to days and improved firewall change requirements from days to minutes.

Inland Revenue Digital Partner Services

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