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Create a culture of continuous improvement with Assurity Consulting’s Organisational Enablement services and make your people the deciding factor in a high-performance company. help. Get your organisation ready to adapt to disruption and thrive through innovation.

Assurity Consulting’s Organisational Enablement services

Our services are designed to:
‒ Increase value creation and effective project delivery
‒ Retain talent and improve productivity
‒ Drive performance with structured chartering and governance
‒ Introduce deliberate and intentional work practices accelerating so value delivery
‒ Improve knowledge worker well-being by maximising their potential

Assurity Consulting’s Organisational Enablement services

Project Chartering

Difficult and complex projects in a range of disciplines are notorious for failing to deliver the promised outcomes. Assurity Consulting has the antidote with our unique Project Chartering as a Service. By investing in independently aligning all teams involved in your project, the initiative is designed for success from the outset. Strategic clarity delivers full control of your projects.

Value Stream Consulting

Organisations are structured vertically, but value flows horizontally. Assurity Consulting applies best practice and concepts drawn from the Theory of Constraints, Lean IT and the Japanese notions of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement), Kaikaku (Radical Step Change) and Kakushin (innovation, transformation, reform and renewal) and more. The result is a holistic examination of the entire value stream, identifying issues and providing you a pathway to best practice.


In today’s high-paced world, everything learned is perishable. By delivering coursework and augmenting theory with practical support, the Assurity approach supports behavioural adaptation, establishing habits in support of lasting results. With customised advisory, coaching services, public and private training courses, we equip you with the skills and capabilities necessary for new ways of working. Our scope includes Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Design Thinking and Lean Business Analysis.

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Project Leadership

With strong, competent, and seasoned project managers in short supply, Assurity Consulting’s delivery coaching helps you navigate the inevitable challenges of complex programmes of work. Delivery Leadership goes beyond the provision of proven project management expertise and includes coaching and empowerment of delivery teams. With our support, build on the competency of senior leaders, articulate your vision and mission, align the workforce to common goals and equip people to perform. With improved authority our Delivery Leadership supports a culture shift where your people are focused, relieved of ‘busy work’, and empowered to focus on value adding tasks for improved project outcomes.

Delivery Leadership

Assurity’s Delivery Leadership augments effective Project Chartering, helping you maintain effective governance while enabling Agile’s tactical decision-making. Bring the focus and rigor of leadership back to project discipline and effective management of people and resources with Assurity Consulting. And consistently achieve intended outcomes.

“It’s not only skills that Assurity provides, but also an outstanding attitude. That’s why, as we move forward, Assurity is seen as a source of sound advice and input for the maturation of our Agile practices.”

Arlene White


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