Enabling a thriving high-performance culture

Create a culture of continuous improvement with Assurity Consulting’s Ways of Working services and make your people the deciding factor in a high-performance company. Get your organisation disruption-ready and thrive through innovation.

Assurity Consulting’s Ways of Working services

Our services are designed to:
‒ Increase value creation and effective project delivery
‒ Retain talent and improve productivity
‒ Drive performance with structured chartering and governance
‒ Introduce deliberate and intentional work practices accelerating so value delivery
‒ Improve knowledge worker well-being by maximising their potential

Our 4P+ (People, Process, Project, Product) model outlines the focus driving the most value at each change initiative phase.

Assurity Consulting’s Ways of Working services

We start with people (external and/or internal depending on your change audience). We use Human-Centred Design and Design Thinking frameworks, gaining empathy and understanding people and the problems they are experiencing. We map issues with current services and identify your ideal customer journey (process).


Change Leadership

Co-designing and embedding the skills, processes, and systems, creating resilient, digital-first businesses.

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Team Canvas & Ways of Working Workshops

Building trust, connection, and collaboration helping cross-functional teams deliver value at speed. We design tailored programmes aligned to your strategic objectives. Equipped with skills, knowledge, and resilience, every employee copes and thrives with digital delivery.

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Design Thinking Workshops

Our ‘Fundamentals of Design Thinking’ course takes you through customer-centric activities and frameworks, helping discover customers’ hidden and latent needs to define the problem to solve. We take you on a journey through our proprietary tools designed to purposefully turn moments of customer friction into opportunities for disruptive growth.

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Customer Design Workshop

To understand the problem we’re solving, we first seek to understand your customers and discover their hidden and latent needs. We then create boutique (or exclusive) courses designed to help your teams learn-by-doing and provide the scaffold for a culture of innovation to thrive.

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The customer journey/service design is the highest level process, supported and served by underlying business processes. Our Business Analysis frameworks identify root cause of problems, mapping pain points to business capabilities and processes. This builds understanding of the scope of change required, where changes must occur, and describes high-level change requirements.


Service Design

Solving problems for customers and businesses by creating aspirational, human-centred products and services that drive shareholder value.

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Operational Process Design

Process design is at the heart of operations management. It is the process of creating and improving systems that convert inputs into outputs. Process design involves understanding how work is done within an organisation and then designing and implementing ways to improve it.

Business Process Optimisation

With your business processes engineered for optimal performance, Assurity Consulting accelerates the rubber hitting the road. Our solutions include everything from Process Governance, to Process Design , Optimisation and Automation, partnering world-class Robotic Process Automation platforms. Business Process Management incorporates Process Policies and Standards, Health Assessment, Analysis and Redesign, and Change Support. With consultants adept in leading ERP vendor processes and workflow solutions, Assurity Consulting delivers complete solutions for optimising your operations.


A project is a finite series of tasks (change scope) to be completed to reach a specific outcome, which takes time, cost and resources. The first phase (MVP hypothesis) establishes proposed solution viability, desirability and feasibility.


Project Management

With competent, and seasoned project managers, we help you navigate the inevitable challenges of complex programmes of work. We provide proven project management expertise, including delivery team coaching and empowerment with a focus on value-adding tasks for improved project outcomes.

Business Case-as-a-Service

The business case is a crucial document describing the problem a new initiative sets out to solve with a proposed scope of the programme, product or project with estimated costs, timelines, and benefits. Organisations can find business case design difficult. In the absence of independent challenge can result in wayward time, cost and quality assumptions. Our senior Enterprise Analysts offer extensive  experience developing business cases across the public and private sector which result in proven outcomes. We develop comprehensive business cases for formal governance processes, and provide the business case as a one-page lean canvas/ILM for high level communication. This process leans into the Better Business Case Process.


Projects aim to resolve problems through innovation or adding value to new or existing products.

  Products are physical or virtual, or services. The methods and frameworks supporting effective product delivery teams are vast, well-known and often driven by agile delivery teams (even within traditional programme structures).


Agile Leadership

Give your leaders the skills and ability to align and energise people towards organisational goals.

Agile Ways of Working Workshops

We help you create the leadership and organisational conditions for a thriving agile culture. We align everything and everyone with a compelling purpose relevant to the customer. We rewire leadership, processes and operational structures with a value focus.

Agile Education

In a high-paced world, everything learned is perishable. By delivering coursework and augmenting theory with practical support, the Assurity approach supports behavioural adaptation, establishing habits in support of lasting results. With customised advisory, coaching services, public and private training courses, we equip you with the skills and capabilities necessary for new ways of working. Our scope includes Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Design Thinking and Lean Business Analysis.

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Data Analysis

Garbage In Garbage Out. Avoid this pitfall when designing new business initiatives with Assurity Consulting’s Data Governance and Master Data Management expertise. We’ll help you create great business processes resting on a foundation of accurate, clean, and relevant data. The result? Dependable Data Analytics and Insights.

Meet our team in Ways of Working
Victoria Sefton

Victoria Sefton
Principal Consultant


“It’s not only skills that Assurity provides, but also an outstanding attitude. That’s why, as we move forward, Assurity is seen as a source of sound advice and input for the maturation of our Agile practices.”

Arlene White


Education Payroll Limited

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