Assurity 4P+ Model (People, Processes, Projects and Products) delivers value and innovation throughout your project

Gartner’s combined Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile process effectively describe product delivery disciplines combined to produce valuable outcomes.

Assurity has evolved and extended the Design Thinking, Lean Start Up and Agile models to include processes and projects that are the bread and paper of an Enterprise Organisation. In so doing, we focus on the right people, using the right methods at the right time across the dimensions of people, processes, projects, and products.

Our 4P+ Model captures value and innovation every step of the way.


The 4P+ Model evolves the Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile Model to include the dimensions of Processes and Projects.

The 4P+ Model

The 4P+ model identifies those factors driving optimal value at each phase of a change initiative and ensures that value and innovation is captured along the way.

The 4P+ Model


We always start with people, external and/or internal depending on your change audience.

We use Human Centered Design and Design Thinking frameworks to gain empathy and understand people and the problems they are experiencing.

We map out their problems with the current service and co-design what their ideal customer journey is.


Customer journey/service design is the highest level process supported and served by underlying business processes.

Business Analysis frameworks identify problem root causes, mapping pain points to business capabilities and processes. This exercise reveals the scope of required change, identifies where change is necessary, and demonstrates high-level change requirements.

For start-ups, in-scope processes inform the operating model necessary for customer service provision. For established organisations, in-scope processes provide the basis for required changes addressing your business problem.


A project is a finite series of tasks (change scope) completed in pursuit of a defined outcome. Every project takes time, cost and resources. 

We initiate projects by defining the problem, the target customer, change scope, the proposed solution, and budget, creating a business case.

For start-ups, the business case is presented in a Lean Canvas. For established organisations, then the business case is presented as an investment logic map or an initiation business case. Initial phases establish project viability, desirability and feasibility. If so, a Minimal Viable Product is released, demonstrated and assessed. With performance established, the project progresses to full solution implementation. This lean start-up foundation is applicable to organisations of any size.


Products are physical, virtual, or services. Methods and frameworks for effective product teams are vast, well-known and driven by agile delivery team.

After defining high-level objectives, creating epics and initial user stories, Assurity Consulting applies Agile and Scrum within a product focus.

Delivery teams release product changes for testing and customer review, with feedback prioritised to the most valued items. Feedback measures improvement against identified problems. The next sprint is planned, advancing rapid change while meaningfully addressing the problem.

Services Under Value & Innovation

Here's what we offer under the Value & Innovation Practice

Services Under Value & Innovation

Design & Innovation

We are a courageous design and innovation team which thrives in complexity. We confront business challenges with raw insights, then create endearing experiences driving commercial value through strategy, design and technology.

View our Design & Innovation services

Business Analysis

Assurity Consulting’s Business Analysis team identifies and eliminates operational inefficiencies in your organisation. Process inefficiency is insidious, with suboptimal business processes routinely starting out as temporary workarounds which keep things moving, but quickly become entrenched roadblocks hampering effective operational flow.


Ways of Working

Create a culture of continuous improvement with Assurity Consulting’s Ways of Working services and make your people the deciding factor in a high-performance company. Get your organisation disruption-ready and thrive through innovation.

View our Ways of Working services


In a high-paced world, everything learned is perishable. By delivering coursework and augmenting theory with practical support, the Assurity approach supports behavioural adaptation, establishing habits in support of lasting results. With customised advisory, coaching services, public and private training courses, we equip you with the skills and capabilities necessary for new ways of working. Our scope includes Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Design Thinking and Lean Business Analysis.

View our Education Services

“That’s a reflection of the value Assurity brings through its experience in working with other organisations going through similar challenges. They know the problems and anticipate them."

Paul Stevens

Head of Shared Services Delivery

AA New Zealand

“Working with Assurity is like an extended Sky team who share our passion. It’s great to engage with people who love customer experience so much. Our knowledge and skills have grown in this space through the engagement, and it’s put the business on the start of a journey defined by and for the customer.”

Philippa Morris

Head of Digital Marketing

Sky TV

"When the project started, the initial scope was valued at $140 million. With Assurity’s assistance, we’ve developed a highly functional building for our people for $98.6 million.”

John O'Dea

Director, Infrastructure, Farms & Facilities


“This is a great framework for understanding customers and developing solutions in real-time that we can iterate, take forward and deliver. We’re taking the approach into the organisation and will now ourselves teach more people how to apply it.”

Glenn Stevenson

Head of Mortgages


“By pulling together those insights and themes from customers, internal people and global industry figures, we’ve been presented with 10 key themes where Carrfields should focus to look for growth and opportunity. The work done by Assurity has brought the clarity we sought.”

Craig Carr

Managing Director


“This is a consulting firm which engages with gusto, enthusiasm and confidence. They quickly became a part of our organisation, to the extent that we didn’t feel like a ‘client’, but instead were working shoulder to shoulder. There’s a high level of commitment and a raw honesty where we were constantly challenged in the right ways.”

Deanna Anderson


Energy Academy

“This really showed the value of engaging with a multi-competency consultancy. They recognised an opportunity for us and rapidly demonstrated further value.”

Penn Trevella

GM, Customer Experience and Innovation

Auckland Live

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