Solving today's organisational challenges

Enabling a high-performance culture

Your future depends on better meeting your customers' needs. Enabling a high-performance culture will shift your organisation into a permanent state of adaptation and agility that allows it to respond to disruption and thrive through innovation.


Mindset. Habits. Culture

The three building blocks of organisational performance – mindset, habits, culture – determine how you think, how you behave and the collective norms that result. If they're embedded in your past, they probably won't work for your future.

We help you update this DNA to support sustainable transformation.

Meet up for a new way of working

Our New Ways of Working – Modern Agile in Wellington Meetups are a chance to discuss, learn, share and experiment with all things Agile. We cover a whole range of topics including Business Agility, Lean Startup, Modern Agile and Enterprise Transformation. Here are a few videos of our online events during Covid-19...

Customer first. Across the organisation

Successful transformations begin by understanding that the desired end state always places the customer front and centre. Right across the organisation, the culture is oriented to exceed the customer's expectations.

We help you create the right leadership and organisational conditions to enable that culture to thrive. We align everything and everyone with a compelling purpose that’s relevant to the customer and we rewire leadership, processes and operational structures to focus on value.

Customer first. Across the organisation

How we help you get there

Understand current state

Understand problems. Define goal and values. Create the story and a change roadmap.

Design the change approach

Identify a starting place and take a 'thin slice' approach through one experiment. Adapt the authorising environment and governance to support the first new way of working teams.

Prove through a thin slice

Earn confidence and trust of teams by showing leadership is prepared to learn, lead and empower. Set up initial team(s) to operate in the new state and ensure the organisation's immune system doesn't hamper them.


Strengthen before spreading

Embed the new ways as the new normal. Ensure teams are on paths to natural, continuous improvement and that leadership is confidently being brave and backing the new normal everyday.

Sustain as change scales

Reset governance and assurance based on the experiment. Create a centre of excellence and vibrant communities of practice. Scale outwards across the organisation once the outcome is clear.

Contemporary practices and essential education

to help you develop a high-performance culture


Data Science

Agile Coaching
& Delivery

Business Agility


Education for your teams

As you implement new ways of working, you’ll need appropriate education for your teams. We have a range of ICAgile and courses, as well as courses developed specially by Assurity. All our courses are taught by our practitioners – people who work at the delivery coalface every day. What’s learnt in the classroom can be applied in reality.

Your bespoke education programme

We build private education programmes for clients around their transformation roadmap. For precise details on each course, take a look at our public Education site.

New Thinking

New Thinking

The roundabout as your organisation

The roundabout. A well-known phenomenon for any motorist. A road junction where diverse, participating traffic continues to move as a...

New Thinking

Our meetup finds a new way of working

Assurity experienced one of its first challenges in response to COVID-19 recently.

New Thinking

An out-of-corporate-body experience

Today, virtually all customer-facing organisations have promoted a focus on customer needs to the apex of their thinking.

New Thinking

Confessions of a fixed mindset

I’ve always considered myself to be pretty generous in my interpretation on the behaviour of individuals.


Ben Hayman

Head of Transformation