Ready to support you in these difficult times


We’re working hard to keep business as usual – as far as is possible – for our teams and clients. Health and wellbeing are critical of course. But we also believe we all have a responsibility to keep things going as much as we can.

That’s why we’re successfully remote-working with clients on their projects. We’re launching remote training courses for teams and individuals to continue to upskill during the period. And we’re ready to support organisations in other ways through remote facilitation and coaching.

If you need help to keep a project going, please contact our branch GMs. They’re ready to help.

AKL – Steve Mitchell    029 777 0675

WLG – Grant Robinson   021 936 835

CHC – Chris Percy   021 195 0780

Meet your three biggest challenges

We help you bring your organisation’s future forward by solving three main challenges posed
by exponential technological change...

How do you innovate the products that customers will love? 
How do you modernise technology to enable delivery of those digital products at pace? 
And how do you create the high-performance culture that enables your business to be truly adaptive?


New Thinking

Our meetup finds a new way of working

Assurity experienced one of its first challenges in response to COVID-19 recently.

New Thinking

An out-of-corporate-body experience

Today, virtually all customer-facing organisations have promoted a focus on customer needs to the apex of their thinking.

New Thinking

Five most critical points of failure in RPA implementation

A successful robotic process automation (RPA) implementation starts with understanding the RPA opportunity and developing a good business case for...


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Brianne boosts Innovation team in Christchurch

Brianne (Bree) Fick has joined Assurity’s Innovation team to work with Courtney van Beek and Antoine Denis in Christchurch.

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DevOps moves into second decade

As we approach the end of this decade, DevOps has also entered its second decade.