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With the acquisition of Trustpower’s retail business by Mercury in May 2022, a significant endeavour was initiated to unite all customers under a single brand and transition them to a unified enterprise software system for customer billing and management. The Retail Integration Program was established with a strong focus on maintaining the highest standards of quality control.



With quality control an essential aspect of the Retail Integration Program, quality assurance specialists were engaged to support the software test planning and test delivery to enable Mercury to migrate hundreds of thousands of customers in batches to the single system with full confidence.

“Migrating 300,000 customers along with historical data is a big project. Assurity’s knowledge sharing has helped us accelerate the process.”

Toni Warren

Program Test Manager

Mercury NZ


  • Assurity played a key role in the development of the plan for testing the data migration strategy. A challenging aspect of the project which was also central to the success of moving from one system to another with minimal impact on customer experience.
  • In addition to technical complexities, the project was challenging with a core capability uplift to support the rebranding and subsequent customer migration.

Outcomes delivered

  • Provided Quality Assurance, augmenting Mercury’s test capability for the complex Retail Integration Program.
  • Developed a robust strategy for data migration of 300,000 customers, with minimal impact on CX.
  • Knowledge sharing contributed to the efficiency and the success of the Program.

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