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NZQA Case Study

“At present, we’re building internal testing capability including the introduction of an automated performance testing environment. The fact that Assurity is willing to share their knowledge and help us create a strong team of testers says a lot about their view on the creation and exchange of lasting value.”

Shane Gaskin


New Zealand Qualifications Authority


The biggest day of the year for students across New Zealand and for NZQA is results publication, when months’ worth of internet traffic avalanches the organisation’s website in a matter of minutes.

Due to NZQA’s complex systems (with multiple touchpoints and dependencies), the unique exam cycle, coupled with the major push
towards digitisation and digital transformation, NZQA needs to manage changes to the system on the fly to avoid situations where
students might be unable to view their exam results immediately via the NZQA website.

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  • Performance Testing across all NZQA systems with a particular focus on results publication day, workload modelling and internal capability uplift to support regular release cycles
  • Manage NZQA’s data flows, exceptions, and broader partner ecosystem effectively
  • Targeted Exploratory Testing to address the volume of work necessary for continual quality assurance
  • Lead ‘Just in Time’ test sessions where team members and stakeholders log in as users to assess the expected user experience ahead of go-live
  • Developed and implemented a dashboarding system which replaces previous disparate reports and spreadsheets tracking performance

Outcomes delivered

  • Provided stability and peace of mind – maintaining operations with zero impact
  • Developed innovative approaches to comprehensive testing
  • Accelerated the process of evaluating complex intertwined systems
  • Proven ability to identify and resolve issues before they have real-world impacts
  • Provided real-time, immediate insights on how exams, results and other essential metrics are tracking on public screen
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