Lean Business Analysis service launches nationwide

Today we launch our innovative Lean Business Analysis service across New Zealand. It’s an approach to Business Analysis that’s been specifically developed to meet the need for greater business agility by providing ‘clear guidance at speed’.

Lean Business Analysis service launches nationwide

Date: 22 July 2015

As organisations increasingly transform themselves to meet the threat of disruption and start to ‘think digital’ (rather than just ‘do digital’), there’s one key discipline that seems firmly stuck in the past – traditional business analysis practices have become a blocker, not an enabler, a creator of waste, not a reducer.

Lean Business Analysis focuses on reducing waste and seeking real value in new ways. We use Lean and non-traditional approaches such as Design Thinking, Impact Mapping, Product Co-creation, Customer Experience Design and Discovery Workshops that move the business of Business Analysis into the future. Rather than ‘chasing rabbits’, Lean Business Analysis cuts to the chase.

Service lead Luke Johnstone says, “It’s been obvious for some time that traditional practices are no longer ‘fit for purpose’. We’ve had an opportunity in Christchurch with forward-thinking clients to put new approaches into practice across a huge variety of projects – inside and beyond the IT department. We’ve had remarkable success and now we’re ready to launch it across New Zealand”.

David Morris heads up Lean Business Analysis in Auckland and is confident that the new Lean approaches will become best practice: “One of the reasons I joined Assurity in December last year was the opportunity to develop and deliver this new service. We’ve challenged convention and shown how traditional approaches don’t deliver effectively in today’s business environment. We’re taking the discipline forward – I think it’s a step change – and that’s hugely exciting.”

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