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When Worksafe explored how crowdsourcing could improve work and worker participation, they wanted to develop a platform to go straight to the experts – the workers themselves.

The concept was sound, and initial testing showed promise but moving the platform from experimental to production presented an unusual challenge: the prototype needed to work on a platform approved for use by Government entities, which has higher security, privacy, and accessibility standards.


WorkSafe approached Assurity Consulting for a solution; as it happens, AWS is a government-approved platform, and their Assurity Cloud is built on AWS.

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Generally used as a platform housing test assets for the likes of Government entities, including Inland Revenue, Assurity Cloud meets the Government’s stringent security standards and other certifications. The platform was set up to provide WorkSafe with a ‘prototype’ view, with consulting support available to guide the ‘lift and shift’ from the previous cloud to the new one.

With Assurity Cloud based on AWS Pivotal Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service, a service broker model was adopted, exposing AWS standard features and making them accessible to WorkSafe developers. This includes database services, object storage, and Identity Management – essentially easing the work of the developers in creating a production-ready app.

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As a result, the BetterWork platform quickly went from concept to beta to production. It has already delivered more than 60 ideas in the weeks since launched.

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“Crowdsourcing goes beyond health and safety. It’s about improving work by engaging those who do it; if we can do that, outcomes will be better, and people will be happier in their jobs. Thanks to Assurity Consulting, we’ve moved a great idea into the workforce with minimal fuss. And best of all, thanks to their work, I don’t look any older, either.”

Richmond Johnston

Innovation Manager

WorkSafe New Zealand

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