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Assurity Performance Testing gives you the focus, insight and information to make an accurate assessment of how your software is likely to perform under high and normal load conditions.

Our services range from governance, assessment and optimisation to execution.

We have a proven track record in helping clients identify performance bottlenecks and recommend tuning optimisations in existing software to reduce the risk and cost of application failure. We achieve it through dedicated testing, providing an understanding of the capacity of the software and how it should be scaled to meet future demand.

Assurity in action

The biggest day of the year for students and NZQA is results publication – when months’ worth of internet traffic avalanches the organisation’s website in minutes. Assurity provides performance testing across all NZQA systems with a particular focus on results publication day to ensure a positive user experience.

As Inland Revenue rolls out its $1.8 billion business transformation programme, no stone is left unturned in the quest to deliver positive experiences for every user of its systems and services. Assurity delivered a key component of IR’s Quality Assurance programme through Performance Testing and fully stress testing of all systems before rollout to production.

How we help

We have wide experience with open source and enterprise performance tools, including those used for data analysis and performance monitoring.

Our Performance Test infrastructure can be hosted in the cloud and is secure and available on-demand to run performance tests at scale without the need for ongoing expensive infrastructure or tooling.

Risk Profile Assessments – Analyse and evaluate the risk associated with each individual component integrated into a software system. This risk score helps to determine the criticality of the component from a performance testing perspective and also uncovers any (perceived) revenue losses resulting from system downtime or slow response times holding up the users.

Strategic Planning – Provide input to project test strategies on objectives, scope, timeframes, resource/tools/environment requirements and budgeting.

Stakeholder Management – Effectively engage with any individuals, team members, functional groups, senior management or internal and external parties who may be impacted by or have an interest in the outcome or Performance Testing engagement.

Solution Architecture Analysis – Applying shift-left philosophy with active engagement in the architectural design phase to examine the system architecture with an eye for performance. This enables detection of performance bottlenecks in a very early phase and also ensures there is adequate planning for scalability and disaster recovery.

Workload Modelling – Designing a workload model that represents the most accurate usage of a production system is key to a successful performance test engagement. We use theoretical models of load in combination with existing production usage statistics (if available) to derive the workload models for Performance Testing.

Performance Test Strategy and Planning – Creating a well-defined test strategy and plan is critical before deep-diving into a more formal performance test cycle.

Lean Performance Testing Principles – We implement lean and effective principles to various phases of Performance Testing by:

  • The application of lean documents (impact assessments and lightweight performance test results executive summary)
  • Implementing an automated performance testing framework that provides automatic results analysis and early feedback on the introduced change in system

Performance Test Development – Design, creation and maintenance of the performance test suite by using our vast experience in the Performance Testing domain and applying industry best practices.

Performance Test Execution – We cover a variety of performance tests – baseline, load, stress, endurance, breakpoint, spike, scalability, failover and configuration testing to validate responsiveness, availability and scalability of the system.

Result Analysis and Bottleneck Identification – Comprehensive analysis of performance test results using cutting-edge tools that are especially designed for data analytics and in-depth analysis of system metrics to uncover potential bottlenecks.

Performance test feedback needs to be fast and performed continuously to let the development team fix issues early in the release process. Our experts have a DevOps mindset with a lot of experience in continuous performance testing, having implemented it with several clients in different industries and platforms over the years.

We offer independent, third-party assessments of your performance test processes, technologies and deliverables by our highly-qualified performance testing practitioners.

Performance monitoring is the most critical piece of performance engineering. Assurity Cloud monitors the customer experience continuously as a customer would experience it and provides real-time data for the organisation to spot performance issues that internal monitoring would never catch.

We also support implementation, configuration and application of market-leading performance monitoring tools that provide full visibility of customer experience across every digital transaction and assists in performance bottleneck identification.

“Assurity have proven – over the course of years – to understand systems very well, at a level where minute details matter. They demonstrate due diligence, ask questions, and with all tests and actions, they do their homework and then produce documentation, so we don’t have to go over the same things more than once.”

Sinziana Ciubotaru

Senior Project Manager, Information Services


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