Continuous-Testing-as-a-Service (CTaaS)

Host your own tenancy with our CTaaS platform and deliver enterprise-wide automation on demand.

With continuous testing pipelines, introduce rapid incremental changes with teams equipped to self-serve testing.

CTaaS can run thousands of tests daily, replacing tedious and lengthy test releases with a continuous regime leaving nothing to chance.

All assets are fully portable and available for reuse by other disciplines such as security testing, or hosting self-service testing for partners.

CTaaS has achieved annual returns on investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. CTaaS is ideal for testing cloud software with routine upgrade schedules, including ERP solutions from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and others.

Assurity Continuous-Testing-as-a-Service in Action

We are helping our Kiwi customers, such as Enable and Inland Revenue realise the benefits of automated testing as a service. Read the below case studies to learn more.



CTaaS in action: Enable

Christchurch-area Local Fibre Company Enable migrated a legacy ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Test automation assets designed and developed in the Assurity Cloud Platform are called upon every upgrade cycle for quality assurance.

With 20 transactional, repeatable tests automated in the cloud, testing time is reduced from two weeks to three days. A full return on investment is expected within 3 years.

Richard Swift, Enable Finance Systems Manager: “We request and use those tests as required, while also calling on Assurity for test expertise to complement the skills of our team; we’re finance professionals, not test experts.”


Quality Assured with Assurity Cloud (Platform-as-a-Service)

Assurity Cloud delivers cost effective quality assurance built in from the start – comprehensive and persistent. Test every new application or integration under development, every incoming patch or software update, every change to existing applications and integrations. Pay only for your use. And enjoy better software every day.

Learn more about Assurity Enterprise Test & Assurance Services here.


Accelerates digital product go-to-market with Assurity Platform-as-a-Service (Assurity Cloud)

Developed to accelerated quality assurance, the Assurity Cloud Platform hosts on-demand automation services supporting enterprise software quality assurance and innovation. A secure managed service, Assurity Cloud Platform emphasises design and collaboration, provides capacity to build and deploy enduring test assets in the cloud, and accelerates the pace of software delivery while reducing total cost of ownership.

Assurity Cloud frees teams to experiment, collaborate, co-design with disparate technologies and multiple parties. Functionality includes user access control, so developers build portable, automated tests, deploy, and run applications, and control routing.

Supported by Assurity Consulting’s testing and quality assurance specialists, Assurity Cloud Platform combines Software as a Service with accessible expertise, optimising test and innovation asset delivery.

Test automations designed and built in the Assurity Cloud Platform are persistent and called as required: every upgrade cycle, or every day.

The scalable solution provides real-time metrics, elevating quality assurance moves to an integral component of the software development lifecycle.

The result? Accelerated and improved quality assurance, rapid experimentation capability, and asset availability and reuse.

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