Deliver change at speed with confidence

Flexible, robust test automation provides you with trust in change at speed. Assurity Consulting collaborates with you to develop test automation of lasting value for your business.

We deliver solutions that reduce the risk and accelerate software delivery, both of which are fundamental to the successful operation of your organisation.

Our Approach

Assurity Consulting works with you to develop an enduring test automation strategy appropriate to your software delivery process. We collaborate on the specification of examples in plain, business language and apply clean coding practices to build automation of lasting value. The output is living documentation that combines the "why" and "what" of your business processes with the "how" of executing them.

Running these automated tests regularly through Continuous Testing or Continuous Delivery workflows ensures that defects are found quickly and confidence remains high, with a demonstrable return on investment.

Our Approach

The right tools and framework for you

Assurity is tools-agnostic. We believe in the right tools for your organisation and work with you to co-design automation frameworks which help achieve your goals.

We emphasise collaboration and focus on success

Effective automation builds in business acceptance from the start. Assurity employs behaviour-driven development/specification, and we define living business documentation to drive automation. By fostering team collaboration and inclusiveness, our automations test what matters.

Build MVP and create rapid value

The true path to automation success is clarity of purpose and execution speed. With a focus on delivering minimum viable product and the creation of working software, Assurity helps you automate what matters at the right interface to maximise your returns.

Continuous test framework

Automation enables continuous testing and rapid, non-stop feedback for development teams, enabling code iteration at speed. When it changes, continuous testing evaluates your software’s capability to required business outcomes without impacting existing features.

Underpin speed of delivery and lean testing

Automation based on business success empowers teams making incremental changes at pace. Speed reduces the cost of change and facilitates a lean testing approach in the path to production.

Achieve measurable return on investment

Investing in test automation delivers returns over time, accelerating software production and reducing support costs. Assurity delivers visual dashboards and measurements, underpinning executive confidence in value delivery.

Contract testing

Building emulated APIs and microservices facilitates decoupled development of client and service implementations. Driven from business scenarios with tests matching emulated services creates confidence that actual implementations match emulated ones. Coupled with Assurity Cloud, emulations are easily exposed to business partners, and reducing their requirement for test environments.

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