Accelerate software and integration testing, reduce risk and improve productivity


Enable your software testing to innovate and become as fast-paced, accessible and exciting as development.

With the creation of a secure managed service, Assurity Cloud provides your business with a platform to build and deploy enduring test assets in the cloud, accelerating the pace of software delivery and reducing total cost of ownership.

Business benefits. Delivered

Creativity is thinking new things, innovation is doing new things. Assurity Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service that allows organisations to experiment, collaborate, co-design with disparate technologies and multiple parties. Deliver portable assets without tie-in employed for the life of the service. Assurity Cloud provides full functionality including user access control, the ability for developers to build portable, automated tests, deploy and run applications and control routing. The outcome is a scalable solution providing real-time metrics, turning quality assurance from a burden to an integral component of the software development lifecycle from day one. This revolutionary approach to quality assurance has one striking outcome… fast experimentation capability with asset reuse throughout the life of the service.

With Assurity Cloud, quality assurance is not just less costly or less onerous. It is now built in from the start – comprehensive and persistent. Access the service and test every new application or integration under development, every incoming patch or software update, every change to existing applications and integrations. Pay only for your use.

Leverage the cloud to build an automation regression strategy ready to be accessed when required. Whether commercial, off-the-shelf software, a cloud application or bespoke solution, Assurity Cloud’s secure Test Platform service is an extension of your systems. Mitigate the impact of patch proliferation on your business teams by implementing a comprehensive regression strategy to suit your needs. Best of all, only pay for Assurity Cloud when used, scheduled or on demand.

With performance testing in the Assurity Cloud, costs are substantially reduced. Operated as a service deployable only when required or delivered as a managed service, the platform provides you with portable test assets to suit the strategic direction of your organisation. The result? A dramatic reduction in on-premises infrastructure and licence overhead.  

With Assurity Cloud, remove delivery dependencies between you and your service consumers, promoting parallel development and test activities without hard dependencies. Create self-service test assets that can be developed and tested against autonomously, without the need for integration, data or management overheads. And take full control of access, accelerating customer on-boarding with self-service for maximum ease. 

Boost test performance and efficiency by building once in the Assurity Cloud, then reusing multiple times as required. Embracing DevOps techniques for continuous feedback, whether protecting against internal change by verifying service stability and availability or monitoringcustomer experience in production. The Assurity Cloud platform provides a cost-effective, outside-in view, delivering service continuity for your consumers.  

With inevitable and continuous change in your IT landscape, often managed internally but involving multiple service providers to implement change across your systems and digital borders, maintaining service quality for internal and external customers is challenging. Replace outdated approaches to risk mitigation such as manual, post-implementation verification with automated and comprehensive test services from the Assurity Cloud. Equip service providers to run tests before and after change, assuring service continuity and minimising the internal management overheads accompanying changes to production systems. 

Comprehensive services, backed by Assurity Professional Services

Assurity Cloud offers multiple services so you get complete test coverage from start to finish – or, at any time, quality assurance is required. As a Secure Platform Managed Service, capabilities extending to every Assurity Cloud service include Self-service User Management on a multi-language platform where containers and apps are deployed on an infinitely scalable platform. Real-time metric streaming and custom routing mean you are always in the loop and in control.

Automated Tests

Automated Tests include Performance, Functional and Security regimens, rigorously evaluating these crucial metrics.

Service Emulation

Service Emulation delivers self-service testing for service consumers, including Self-Service User Management so your partners frictionlessly access the protocols required for a thorough assessment of system performance.


Monitoring puts you in charge of Customer Experience, Service Availability and Implementation Verification.

On-demand Regression Suite

The On-demand Regression Suite delivers comprehensive test assets for quality assurance of custom, off-the-shelf software, cloud systems and bespoke solutions.

With a track record of more than 15 years in testing, software development and a pioneer in DevOps and Agile methodologies, Assurity puts extensive expertise at your disposal through our Professional Services division. Automation and self-service in the Assurity Cloud is backed by the support of a world-leading team, assuring the best-quality outcomes for every project.

A proven track record

Inland Revenue Digital Partner Services (developed on Assurity Cloud platform) had delivered the following benefits and cost savings to IR – firewall changes shifted from days to minutes to enable customers to engage in testing, third-party integrations up to four times faster and time taken for integration testing reduced from weeks to days.  

Case Study

Putting IR's business transformation to the test

Digital Partner Services enables self-service testing by partners


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