Reduce the cost of technical transformation and accelerate the business return on digital services


Assurity Cloud operates externally to organisations providing a true outside-in view of the digital experience for their customers and performance of their digital services. Built from Assurity’s experience of delivering high-profile digital transformations, Assurity Cloud reduces the cost and underpins the quality of technical change for organisations undertaking digital transformation.  

Solving transformation challenges

Growing digital partnerships efficiently

Managing an increasing volume of digital partnerships is time-consuming and your partners want a self-service way to manage their connections with you. You need to emulate your services so that partners can test against them whenever they are ready.

Understanding the real customer experience

Understanding the real-world customer experience is essential to meeting your customer needs and giving a great end-to-end user or digital partner experience. To do this, you need to automate your validation of customer journeys and interactions and measure them externally.

Continuously testing throughout constant change

Transformation is complex and you need a cost-effective way to continuously test the whole integrated picture. Automated, reusable test assets can be deployed across the whole transformation lifecycle and repurposed for both internal and external validation.

Delivering high performance at scale

Maintaining the performance of your services whilst undertaking transformation is critical. You need to cost-effectively test their performance under significant load as and when necessary, throughout their development and production life.

Key features

Operating as a Platform as a Service, Assurity Cloud is designed for a DevOps and Agile approach to how organisations develop, deploy and operate highly-successful, constantly-evolving digital services.




For teams working on the highly-complex task of migrating from older systems to new platforms, Assurity Cloud automates thousands of tests to ensure quality of service while the organisation is transforming its technical foundations.

Functional testing
Runs your API and UI tests on scheduled or trigger basis
Production verification
Smoke-test go-live (SOAP or REST) deployments
Scalable, secure, on-demand infrastructure to test at scale
Delivery pipeline
Fully automated with integrations into CI/CD

Service emulation

With digital partnership based on technical APIs being a key enabler in these times, the platform also offers a self-service model to manage hundreds of digital partnerships for a fraction of the cost of alternative methods.

Managed service
Partners don't need to manage physical infrastructure themselves
Shift-left integration
De-couples partner development and onboarding from internal API development
True emulation
Emulated service is consumed in same way as the real service


To ensure the core applications and services in an organisation’s digital offering can scale to meet likely demand, the platform also provides on-demand performance testing to emulate ‘Internet Scale’ as and when, without the need for ongoing expensive infrastructure or tooling between times.

Components of a deployment are performant at expected loads
Service elasticity
Scale tests to expected peak demand
De-risking infra change
Prove infrastructure changes in advance

CX monitoring

To understand customer experience, a truly outside-in view of the organisation’s digital offering is needed. Assurity Cloud monitors the customer experience continuously as a customer would experience it and provides real-time dashboards for the organisation to spot issues that internal monitoring would never catch.

True picture of CX
Partners' experience of APIs. Customers' experience of service
Real-time insights
See customer interaction performance with your production system
Mimic different networks
Understand the impact of load time of a site on slower connections
Quick-issue resolution
Confidence in change, no 'Risk Theatre', faster to market

Tangible benefits delivered by Assurity Cloud

Faster to market

Increases speed-to-market for
digital partnerships by 30%

Lower operating

Reduces the cost to operate
digital partnerships by 90%

Fewer defects

Reduces the cost associated with
defects by 50% or more

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