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On-Demand Performance Testing

The client company is at the forefront of talent management. The client’s software platform needed to ingest sometimes tens of thousands of new users as a single transaction so stress testing of the platform would confirm its ability to deliver the service to their end-users. Performance testing is a specialised field, and like most startups, these kinds of specialists aren’t generally available to the software development team.


The client engaged Assurity Consulting for the delivery of on-demand performance testing services from its Assurity Cloud. Assurity also brought extensive expertise in the design and execution of the tests. The team created and continually amended suitable scripts to run the tests, providing the client an iterative, collaborative and exhaustive performance testing approach.

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Using Assurity Cloud, this client is now equipped to demonstrate its ability to handle 900 concurrent logins. In addition, the creation of enduring test assets in the Assurity Cloud eliminates the necessity for the client to maintain an expensive internal performance management environment with the associated licensing and operational overhead. At the same time, it puts performance testing within the reach of the company whenever required, alleviating development teams of the burden.

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