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Inland Revenue (IR) needed to de-risk the process and deliver certainty to changes in a complex application environment when they migrated to Oracle Cloud ERP for their Enterprise Support Services (ESS) platform.


Standard tests created for IR's ESS


Integrations to other apps that are now automatically tested


Regression tests now take just 6 hours; an equivalent manual test would take 15 person-days.

“Automated testing and reusable test assets go beyond the value delivered to IR. It means each agency can access proven artifacts along with the reference architecture for systems implementation. And that means taxpayers get more value for their money as government agencies transform for the future.”

Lara Ariell


Inland Revenue


Assurity delivered Business Analysis, Managed Testing, and Automated Testing Services to assure the delivery of IR’s Oracle applications. This included the introduction of highly automated testing wherever possible and the creation of about 750 standard tests.

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Assurity provided testing and assurance for a total of 26 integrations with other systems within and external to IR. The automated quality assurance reduces maintenance costs and overheads, accelerating time to market for the Oracle Cloud.

Examples of the successes of this approach include the automation assets identifying (and correcting) a 7-second network latency issue. Regression tests now take just 6 hours; an equivalent manual test would take 15 person-days.

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