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Auckland Transport faced the challenge of relentless updates to data describing the changes to bus routes and operations of its transport assets. There is also the laborious manual validation of that data before operationalising it.



Auckland Transport engaged Assurity Consulting for an ambitious plan to automate database construction and testing and accelerate the change process. The results:

  • Automated infrastructure provides faster and more accurate data management.
  • Accelerated release cycle, making the data and testing teams more responsive to the business.
  • Tedious, detailed manual work and attendant errors were eliminated, allowing the Operations team to focus on higher-value tasks.

"If we can bring those change types into production, we’ll be able to do in one day what presently takes around two weeks."

Hari Emani

Test Manager

Auckland Transport

The solution developed by Assurity automates infrastructure provisioning and provides AT with an EOD test portal. With this application, the AT testers are relieved of multiple manual and error-prone steps relating to accessing, arranging, and testing the data in the EOD file.

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