Performance-Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS)

PTaaS provides performance testing on demand, leveraging Assurity's professional expertise without the licensing, infrastructure costs or onboarding associated with traditional onsite performance testing. With performance testing typically required sporadically, PTaaS is cost-effective, flexible, and efficient with a pay-per-use billing model.

PTaaS can achieve cost reductions exceeding 70% compared with in-house testing regimes.

Assurity Performance-Testing-as-a-Service in Action

We are helping our Kiwi customers, such as an international talent management software provider realise the benefits of performance testing as a service. Read the below case study to learn more.



PTaaS in action: International talent management software provider

A leader in talent management solution engaged Assurity Consulting for the delivery of on-demand performance testing services from the Assurity Cloud Platform. With its cutting-edge talent management platform under continuous development, durable test assets were created and are accessed by the client as and when needed.

The testing regime eliminates the necessity for the client to maintain an expensive internal performance management environment with the associated licensing and operational overhead. It also puts performance testing within the reach of the company whenever required, alleviating development teams of the burden. The Assurity Cloud Platform test assets have consistently demonstrated the parameters and capabilities of the agency’s platforms, so it does not experience capacity issues. Spokesperson quote: “With metrics, we now know how the system will respond and where it’s breaking point sits. It’s the power to know.”


Quality Assured with Assurity Cloud (Platform-as-a-Service)

Assurity Cloud delivers cost effective quality assurance built in from the start – comprehensive and persistent. Test every new application or integration under development, every incoming patch or software update, every change to existing applications and integrations. Pay only for your use. And enjoy better software every day.

Learn more about Assurity Enterprise Test & Assurance Services here.


Accelerates digital product go-to-market with Assurity Platform-as-a-Service (Assurity Cloud)

Developed to accelerated quality assurance, the Assurity Cloud Platform hosts on-demand automation services supporting enterprise software quality assurance and innovation. A secure managed service, Assurity Cloud Platform emphasises design and collaboration, provides capacity to build and deploy enduring test assets in the cloud, and accelerates the pace of software delivery while reducing total cost of ownership.

Assurity Cloud frees teams to experiment, collaborate, co-design with disparate technologies and multiple parties. Functionality includes user access control, so developers build portable, automated tests, deploy, and run applications, and control routing.

Supported by Assurity Consulting’s testing and quality assurance specialists, Assurity Cloud Platform combines Software as a Service with accessible expertise, optimising test and innovation asset delivery.

Test automations designed and built in the Assurity Cloud Platform are persistent and called as required: every upgrade cycle, or every day.

The scalable solution provides real-time metrics, elevating quality assurance moves to an integral component of the software development lifecycle.

The result? Accelerated and improved quality assurance, rapid experimentation capability, and asset availability and reuse.

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