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The purpose of Inland Revenue’s (IR) business transformation is the delivery of real-time interaction to replace traditionally paper-based activities. With over 500,000 logins to myIR on peak days, and hundreds of thousands of accounts interactions with IR systems on a daily basis, IR needed to ensure it has a clear view on how its systems will cope before they go live.

"Assurity’s delivery of innovative performance testing has changed perspectives on the possible. Any failure in any of the new systems and services we’re rolling out will taint public confidence. There’s a substantial reputational risk every time a new service is introduced – and performance testing as a component of a broader range of assurance services is the insurance policy addressing that risk.”

Chris Hourigan

Business Transformation - Testing Lead

Inland Revenue


To provide a quality assurance program that includes a range of services including performance testing, fully stress testing all systems before rollout to production. Assurity created a testing solution that provides ‘Performance as a Service’ to all delivery activities under the program. A performance risk assessment approach was adopted, and actual and perceived risks ascertained across the full gamut of IR products within scope of each phase of the programme delivery cycle.

Services provided and outcomes delivered

  • Creation of an enduring suite of performance artefacts to provide IR with ready access to proven performance testing assets in future to help accelerate the delivery and reduce the risk of new products while driving down cost of assurance
  • Developed and implemented the performance testing strategy, approach and assets and enabled prompt identification and resolution of issues in post-production
  • Displayed the information and results related to performance and customer experience monitoring on monitors installed on IR campus

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