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Co-developed with Inland Revenue (IR) to introduce Customer Interaction Testing (CIT) to increase the voice of its customers (tax agents, individuals, businesses, third party software providers and more) in the design process of IR’s system to provide world-class taxation services.

"The approach (developed by Assurity) has ‘a high level of pragmatic innovation’. It’s that simple – but making things simple is always the hardest challenge we have.”

Rogan Clarke

Director of Digital Change

Inland Revenue


A radical and eminently sensible approach to allow real customers to get access to newly developed functions as they become available from development. Asking the customers to perform critical tasks with their own data placed the voice of the customer at the heart of delivery.

Services provided and outcomes delivered

  • Gathered ‘real life’ experiences of customers at every iteration of development, allowing for developers and technical staff to maintain constant contact with the people for whom the systems are being designed in the first place
  • Helped place a customer-centric lens on complex development process
  • Engaged in Agile sprints to define key functional areas to expose the IR product to the identified customer segments e.g. tax agents, individuals and businesses
  • Collected feedback in sprint reports on design issues, defects, observations, and customer experience
  • Engaged thousands of end-users, and provided detailed management information on customer interaction
  • Helped IR identify hundreds of design improvements for resolution in advance of system testing
  • Identified and implemented significant volume of design changes and positioned IR for positive public feedback

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