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Farmlands Case Study


To deliver a clear, detailed, and focused understanding of what was needed to enable outstanding experiences for team members and customers via the new Amazon Connect.

“We’d previously used Assurity Business Analysis consultants and knew that Zoe has a testing and contact centre background, making her ideal for the task. This meant we quickly got the necessary clarity on things like internal call flow – and much more.”

Graeme Wilson

Head of Customer Experience

Farmlands Co-operative Society

“The inclusion of Assurity Consulting’s BA skills into the project team eliminated uncertainty and brought the project to a better conclusion. Basically, a great Business Analyst knows what questions to ask, how to be curious, how to challenge and how to expose details, rather than resting on assumptions about how things might work. They play a valuable part in delivering a successful project, no matter how big or small.”

Bevan Scott

Digital Project Manager

Farmlands Co-operative Society


Bringing a blend of Business Analysis and Contact Centre knowledge to help Farmlands define and understand how an effective contact centre should work; and provided insights into common pitfalls, challenges and shortcomings from a quality assurance perspective.

Outcomes delivered

Helped the client understand the tangibles and turned much of the theoretical advantages and features into practically deliverable specifications, resulting in the Farmlands team gaining more features and benefits from the technology, and ultimately, derived full value to the business from the project.

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