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Assurity Performance Testing gives you the focus, insight and information to make an accurate assessment of how your software is likely to perform under high and normal load conditions.

Our services range from governance, assessment and optimisation to execution.

We have a proven track record in helping clients identify performance bottlenecks and recommend tuning optimisations in existing software to reduce the risk and cost of application failure. We achieve it through dedicated testing, providing an understanding of the capacity of the software and how it should be scaled to meet future demand.

“Previously, we worked on confidence alone. With metrics, we know how the system will respond and where its breaking point sits. It’s the power to know.”

Talent Management Leader

Case studies

Inland Revenue Department (IRD)

Ensuring positive user experiences for all IR customers with QA & Testing.
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Talent Management Leader

Web traffic spikes: How Assurity Cloud enables a client to pass the test.
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New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

How NZQA confidently passes exams every year with QA & Testing.
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How Assurity Cloud helps WorkSafe use BetterWorkNZ to improve work.
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