Agile certifications you can add to your CV today

Explore Assurity 20 October 2017 staff

The demand for Agile-certified specialists in the job market has been consistently increasing and is set to explode. This bodes well for young and mid-career professionals looking to make the next big leap in their career. Here are three Agile certifications that can make a difference to your CV:

Fundamentals of Agile

If you’ve had no exposure to working in an Agile environment, then this is a great starting point. While Agile emerged from the software development industry, its principles can be applied to any type of work. In fact, Agile practices are now considered paramount for effective project implementation. An Agile foundation course will help you delve into the fundamental underlying values, principles and practices used on Agile projects, including how they work and why and equip you with the skills you need to apply Agile to aspects of work. Find out more.

Agile Project Management

If you’re currently working in a project management environment or as a project manager, this certification is a great way for you to substantiate your current skills and acquire some new ones. Some exposure to Agile would be preferable as this falls under the more advanced level of courses. This course will help you understand how to successfully deliver projects in an Agile context. One of the key learnings will be developing the core components of the Agile Project Manager role as distinct from that of the traditional Project Manager. Find out more.

The Agile Facilitator

If you’re currently working as a Scrum Master or are an Agile Project Manager well-versed in Agile basics and have had some experience with an Agile team, this course will help accelerate your career growth. It will help you address the dysfunctional behaviours you see preventing your team from achieving maximum success, as well as help you achieve consensus among your team to make faster decisions. Highly recommended for those looking for a customised facilitator self-development plan by NZ’s leading Agile practitioners. Find out more.