Why we’re committed to gender pay gap reporting and closing our gap.

Assurity is committed to driving Aotearoa New Zealand forward. It’s part of our DNA. We are passionate about gender equality and have chosen this as a focus area to support our sustainability initiatives.

The majority of our people are skilled technology professionals, a sector known for its gender equality challenges.

To hold ourselves to account, be part of the change, and encourage other technology organisations to be transparent in their reporting, we introduced gender pay gap reporting.

How have we calculated our gender pay gap

There is no universal approach to gender pay gap reporting. Statistics New Zealand uses the median hourly rate of female versus male employees.

We’ve chosen to benchmark ourselves against the Statistics New Zealand published data, but we’ve also included the value of Kiwisaver in our median hourly rate calculation. As we improve our internal reporting mechanisms, we may broaden the definition further to include leadership incentives and the value of cash and non-cash benefits.

As such, the gender pay gap we are reporting on is the median hourly rate (inclusive of Kiwisaver) of females versus males. This is presented as a percentage gap.

Our current gender pay gap is 4.93%

This gap is largely linked to inconsistent gender balance in some highly specialised technical roles (which typically have a higher remuneration band) and a gender imbalance at a company leadership level.

You can see the Assurity gender pay gap trend over time in the chart below.

What we’re doing to close our gap

  1. We are establishing a governance framework to support the measurement of and initiative tracking in support of gender equality, including closing our gender pay gap.
  2. Reviewing our recruitment practices to understand how we can remove unconscious bias
  3. Better define our leadership capability requirements and support structures to ensure the best people are promoted into leadership roles irrespective of gender

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