Professional Scrum Product Owner

Maximise the Return on Investment and optimise the Total Cost of Ownership of products and systems.

Certification – Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I)


Online: 4 half-days
In-person: 2 days


Early Bird $1,620.00 excl. GST
$1,800.00 excl. GST

Course overview

The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) programme teaches people how to maximise the Return on Investment (ROI) and optimise the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of products and systems. Agile Product Ownership today requires more than knowledge on how to write a User Story or manage a Product Backlog. Professional Product Owners need to have a concrete understanding of everything that drives value from their products.

Who is this for?

The following individuals will benefit from this course:
  • Executives and leaders, managers, directors, CIOs and VPs
  • Development, QA and infrastructure management
  • Programme and product managers
  • Product and product line management
  • Portfolio managers, PMO and process leads
  • Enterprise, system and solution architects

What’s covered?

  • How to be an Agile programme, product or IT development manager in a complex environment
  • A look at the creation and retention of value
  • Specific tactics and strategies for maximising the flexibility and responsiveness of software product creation
  • Techniques for fulfilling these responsibilities
  • How to optimise the value of current systems
  • How to progressively order requirements and become more agile

Learning outcomes

  • How to increase the value created by the product for which you are responsible
  • An understanding of the differences between traditional and agile product management
  • How the product owner works in an agile environment to deliver a product
  • The basics of identifying a release goal and requirements, backlog ordering, estimation, adjustment and baseline planning
  • An understanding of Total Cost of Ownership and how it is fundamental to successfully managing a product


If you complete this course, you’ll receive a password to take the PSPO I assessment once. You’ll have 60 minutes to take the assessment. If you pass, you’ll receive the PSPO I certification. For more information, visit


  • A knowledge of iterative, incremental techniques is required
  • A basic knowledge of Scrum is useful
  • Attendees will get more out of the class if they have read the Scrum Guide

Experts in business and training

Our Scrum courses are conducted by Assurity’s exclusive training partner, Pragmatic Agile.

To book,  go to their schedule page to buy a ticket.

Jacob Creech

Pragmatic Agilist, Pragmatic Agile

Read Bio

Jacob Creech

Pragmatic Agilist, Pragmatic Agile

Jacob is an experienced entrepreneur and Agile coach. He has worked in his own and other businesses to help them grow and develop high-value work through the application of Agile, Lean Start-up and other modern business techniques.

Jacob has worked with a wide range of businesses across Asia-Pacific and the United States, from very small (1 team) to very large (400+ team) Agile transformations with both software/IT and non-IT teams, in industries including Ecommerce, Finance, Healthcare, Mobile, Gaming, Telecommunications, and Advertising.

Jacob is passionate about empowering and motivating people, with a constant focus on business value, to ensure not only are we delivering high quality work, but the right, most valuable work as well.

“The course was well-balanced with subject content, team discussions and practical examples, which made it truly interesting.”

Course Attendee

“Jacob was a great facilitator and made the course flow well. Using Mural/Zoom helped make the online experience an enjoyable one.”

Nicholas Maw
Web Product Owner, Serato

Online learning guarantee

Our online courses have been designed to offer a rich and engaging learning experience.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the online format, you have the option to join the next available in-person class at no extra cost.

Private classes

This course can be run privately at your organisation allowing us to tailor the training to your needs and create a more rewarding team experience.

Contact us via our Contact Us form for details.

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