Specification By Example

Learn how to build valuable, high-quality software, collaboratively.


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Online: 2 half-days
In-person: 1 day


Contact our Education Team for details.

Course overview

Specification By Example (SBE) is a collaborative approach to building valuable, high-quality software. SBE aligns your development team using realistic examples instead of abstract statements as the focal point for discussing, discovering, documenting, implementing and testing requirements. SBE is particularly successful for managing requirements on large-scale projects of significant domain and organisational complexity.

Who is this for?

This course requires no prior knowledge and is aimed at your whole development team.

What’s covered?

  • Deriving scope from goals
  • Specifying collaboratively through all-team spec workshops or smaller meetings
  • Illustrating requirements using examples
  • Refining specifications
  • Automating tests based on examples

Learning outcomes

  • How to describe the SBE process patterns
  • How to explain the benefits of using SBE
  • How to run effective specification workshops
  • How to create specifications with examples
  • How to utilise patterns for analysing examples


On completion of the course, you’ll receive an Assurity certificate which confirms your attendance.

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“The course gave me a great understanding of what I can be doing to assist the teams in understanding the product requirements upfront, saving time in delivery to get it right.”

Course Attendee

Course Schedule

This course is only available as a private class. Contact our Education Team for a consultation.

Experts in business and training

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Jacob Creech

Pragmatic Agilist, Pragmatic Agile

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Jacob Creech

Principal Agile Consultant

Jacob is an experienced entrepreneur and Agile coach. He has worked in his own and other businesses to help them grow and develop high-value work through the application of Agile, Lean Start-up and other modern business techniques.

Jacob has worked with a wide range of businesses across Asia-Pacific and the United States, from very small (1 team) to very large (400+ team) Agile transformations with both software/IT and non-IT teams, in industries including Ecommerce, Finance, Healthcare, Mobile, Gaming, Telecommunications, and Advertising.

Jacob is passionate about empowering and motivating people, with a constant focus on business value, to ensure not only are we delivering high quality work, but the right, most valuable work as well.

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