We help accelerate the adoption and reduce the cost of implementation

Enterprise Support Services (ESS) is an NZ Government term for the internal core systems supporting daily operations and management of internal activities.

For NZ government agencies that have selected Oracle Cloud ERP applications, Assurity test and Quality Assurance (QA) solutions will help accelerate the adoption of Oracle Cloud ERP applications with ease, reduce marginal cost of each implementation and ensure the regular release of fully-tested and trusted updates. We provide a proven set of processes, technology assets and consulting capabilities that uniquely place us to help reduce the cost of implementation associated with Oracle Cloud ERP applications.

Thought Leadership

We’ve heard a lot about protecting the border with the COVID crisis swirling around us. There’s another border worth protecting and that’s the edge of your cloud ERP. Read the insights ‘Benefits of automation at the border’ to learn more.

What we offer

Assurity Consulting provides a proven implementation framework for Oracle Cloud Enterprise Support Services.

Accelerating the adoption, reducing the cost of implementation, and providing reduced operating costs.

What we offer

Experienced delivery team

Experienced ESS delivery team with domain knowledge to provide test and QA services via a partnered services model

Business analysis

Business analysis services to map current vs future state and design future state model and processes

Re-usable assets

Re-use of government test assets to implement right-fit automation and provide on-demand quality assurance

Test automation

Automated testing services to manage regular Oracle Cloud ERP software updates and upgrades

Comprehensive Test and QA services

Quality assurance and testing of ESS integration to internal and external systems

Repeatable procesess

Reuse of performance test assets and approaches to verify fit-for-purpose performance across the integrated Cloud implementation

Benefits delivered

Assurity automated quality assurance reduces maintenance cost and overheads, accelerating time to market for the Oracle cloud ERP implementations.

Benefits delivered

Accelerate delivery

Increased velocity in delivery leveraging experienced people, process, and technology

Reduced cost

Reduced implementation cost by employing Oracle Integration ready test assets

Reduce risk

Reduce risk and operating costs by automating quarterly patch releases at scale and speed

“There’s a very narrow window for testing quarterly (Oracle ESS) patches, so it’s an intense process. Assurity’s work streamlines this crucial task; without the support of automated testing, it’s hard to see how managing these updates would be feasible.”

Lara Ariell


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Download our Oracle Cloud ERP Quality Management brochure here.

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