What can you expect from the Grad programme?

As a graduate about to embark on the Assurity Graduate Programme, it’s difficult to know what to expect.

What can you expect from the Grad programme?

Date: 07 March 2018

As a graduate about to embark on the Assurity Graduate Programme, it’s difficult to know what to expect. While I’d worked part-time jobs and internships during university, Assurity would be my first ‘proper’ full-time job and it was incredibly nerve-wracking not knowing what I’d got myself into.

How could we fill four weeks with intense learning? Would I get along with the other grads? And what is software testing anyway? Here’s everything I wish I knew then.

You’ll meet lots of new people

One of the highlights was the opportunity to meet so many Assurity people from different branches, services and levels of experience, as well as past graduates. Events like Toastmasters, meet and greets and buddy meetings also provided the opportunity to meet different people and hear about their professional experiences and work at Assurity.

One of the sessions, the DiSC profiling workshop, is a personality profiling system which helps understand your own and other’s personal preferences, motivators and stressors. This emphasised the importance of diversity, as well as understanding how different personalities might collaborate better.

The best thing is that everyone we met was invested in seeing you learn, grow and succeed, not only in the Programme, but afterwards on client site and in your professional career. Make the most of the opportunity to ask people for personal feedback, as well as their advice and wisdom.

You’ll encounter lots of new ideas

Entering the world of IT with very little technical knowledge, I felt a little unsure as to how I’d perform. After completing the month, I feel so proud of myself, not only for understanding new concepts like software testing, SQL and application architecture, but also being able to put this new knowledge and skills into practice.

While the Programme is centered around testing with a week dedicated to understanding testing principles and tools, you also have the opportunity to learn all about DevOps, Business Analysis and Agile, plus a multitude of soft skills like consulting, visual management and presentation skills. While I now understand the foundations of these, I also have the opportunity to put them into practice and build on what I’ve learnt.

You’ll have lots of fun

Lastly, expect to have a lot of fun. Many of the sessions used activities and games to facilitate learning – highlights being the Agile game, dice calculator game and constructing Lego vehicles – which bring out the competitiveness in everyone, as well as the chance to laugh together.

I was lucky enough to have a grad group full of fun and energetic personalities, which made intense days pass incredibly fast. You’re all fresh out of university and on the same steep learning curve – so you’ll bond quickly and ride out the highs and lows of the month together. And with most people being new to Wellington, there’s the opportunity to take in all the city has to offer during lunchtimes and after work.

All in all, the Grad Programme is an ideal bridge from being a student to a professional. Your mentors, the ideas you encounter and the skills you begin to develop, set you up for a fantastic month, as well as a career of lifelong learning, development and fulfillment.

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