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Coupland’s Bakeries, an iconic New Zealand bakery chain, faced a challenge in having two different enterprise systems. The ‘obvious’ solution was costly middleware and integration. However, Business Technology Manager David Main had reservations. He engaged Assurity Consulting’s Business Analysis specialists, who uncovered the underlying issue: a lack of system visibility and inadequate, inaccurate data.


This collaborative effort not only saved the bakery millions by avoiding unnecessary changes, they gained crucial insights for improving their business systems.

“Along with lasting artifacts, including mind maps and process flows, our people have seen first-hand how a senior Business Analyst works, developing their own skills. The engagement has 100% left our team in a better state.”

David Main

Business Technology manager

Coupland’s Bakeries


  • Assurity conducted thorough workshops and interviews with stakeholders in the business processes across the business – everyone from executives to store managers, store men, inward goods dispatchers, finance people, operational staff and more.
  • Workflows were documented, requirements matrices built, and traceability and analysis performed.
  • The detailed examination of processes exposed inefficiencies or deficiencies; as an example, they revealed that an inefficient in-store customer order solution led to issues like missed payments, lost orders, incorrect deliveries, and overall business performance impact.

Outcomes delivered

  • The workshops and interviews exposed all sorts of challenges and issues.
  • The internal team have undergone a capability uplift by working alongside Assurity’s Business Analysts.
  • Created lasting artifacts, including mind maps and process flows.

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