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The situation

While Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are essential to the operation of substantial organisations, their implementation and subsequent upgrades are beset with risk. When a nationwide farm equipment supplier replaced several legacy systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365, it looked to Assurity Consulting for testing and risk mitigation solutions.

Assurity Consulting has raised up to 450 issues for resolution in a single month.

“Assurity took the time to understand how our business works, where we are in terms of our ERP implementation and use, and how our investment can achieve the best results.”

The Solution

Assurity rolled out a comprehensive testing approach that went beyond testing. The team advised the client on features which might or might not add value to their business. Assurity also consistently involved senior financial people within the client’s organisation (for the finance-related aspect of the Dynamics 365 implementation), those in control of supply chain management (for this aspect of the ERP), and business stream leads. This has delivered complete testing coverage, as the new system has rolled out and matured.

Outcomes delivered

Assurity Consulting has raised up to 450 issues for resolution in a single month. This was validation to the client that consistency and diligence in testing expose issues that would otherwise interfere with the smooth  running of the business following ‘go live’.

Assurity also provided the client with hard data and evidence related to the performance and latency of the ERP platform, so the vendor [Microsoft] and this farm equipment supplier’s implementation partner can work towards the necessary improvements.

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